Lynda Carter Gives Gal Gadot Her Blessing for ‘Wonder Woman’ Role

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot received Lynda Carter’s blessing to play the lead role in Wonder Woman movie.

The 32-year-old actress portrays Diana, the Princess of the Amazons, in the fantasy film, which was previously played by Lynda in the 1975 television series, but the 65-year-old star had no qualms about passing over the reins to the brunette beauty and was “100%” behind the new remake of the production.

When asked if she supported the new movie to ET Online, Carter said: “100%. I am the bearer of the torch and now I’m passing it forward to Gal and to Patty.”

And Carter believes she, Gadot and film director Patty Jenkins share a special bond because of the movie.

She explained: “The three of us share some sisterhood by living and breathing this character. I really want you all to embrace this.”

Jenkins has revealed she was desperate to gain Carter’s “blessing” prior to creating the new production based on the DC Marvel Comics, and to receive her “guidance” during the making of the latest movie because she didn’t want the project to be considered an entirely separate entity to the series Carter starred in.

The creative mastermind explained: “To get her guidance, as the person who has been carrying the mantle of Wonder Woman for all these years and is the one who inspired so many of us to love Wonder Woman. I wanted to learn from her. I also wanted her blessing and I wanted her to know we’re not here to do the ‘new’ Wonder Woman. We’re here to try to carry forth something so beautiful that she really brought into the world and we just want it to go into the future.”

And Gadot has revealed Carter “thanked” her for “sharing the burden” of playing the iconic female superhero with her.

The Israeli star said: “Lynda already thanked me for sharing the burden with her.”