FanBark Unboxing: ShaggySwag Box Review

FanBark: Fozzie Reviews Shaggy Swag

We’ve got a brand new FanBark unboxing for you! FanBark unboxings are done by our editor’s pup, Fozzie! Enjoy her review and unboxing of the very first SwaggySwag box!

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Fozzie here, and I’m a 6-month old F1b goldendoodle who loves to play, eat, play, sleep, and did I mention play?! My mom, Emma, is the editor of FanBolt – and she created this section just for me so I could geek out along with her!

Getting new treats and toys regularly is a must for me, as I’m literally destroying most of my puppy toys now – and I’m an awesome dog so naturally I get lots of treats… or maybe it’s just mom bribing me and feeling bad for taking away my puppy toys that are falling apart. Not entirely sure – but either way – this box arrived at the perfect time! I got a little help from my mom and dad on this unboxing video – as they think I’m easily distracted… squirrel!!!!!!

SwaggySwag Box Review

Here’s the full breakdown on what was included in this ShaggySwag box!!

  • Harry Barker NYC Tax Dog Toy: I feel like this is a must for any city pup! Or a pup that dreams of being a city pup. This toy is made of durable cotton canvas with eco-friendly dyes and double stitched seams – and mom can rest easy knowing that it’s filled with Eco-friendly fiberfill – just in case I get real with it. (3 of my puppy toys bit (get it bit!?!) the dust over the weekend – and it’s still a sensitive subject with mom)
  • Love Thy Beast Bandana: For the pup who wants a little extra swagger, this 100% cotton bandana is super cute and American made in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Harry Barker Cotton Rope Toy: Mom keeps telling dad that these are the best toys to play tug-a-war with as they’re a lot more durable than my other toys. This one is made of 100% recycled cotton and it’s machine washable. It’s a great way to satisfy my need to chew! Seriously I’ve hid this from mom already – it’s my favorite thing in this box!!
  • Pride Mix: These taste as amazing as they sound! They include banana bites, sweet potatoes and blueberries! They’re a great source of fiber and 100% all nautral – and the perfect way to reward me after the photoshoot I did for mom for this box!
  • Grill Ball: Mom isn’t sure what to call this one, but I love it because it’s surface means it bounces different from my other balls – and not knowing which direction it will bounce in when it lands is pretty awesome for me!
  • Earthbath All Natural Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes: These grooming wipes (which smell of mango) easily wipe away dirt and odor between your pup’s baths, leaving your pet heavenly scented of fragrant mangoes. This is a must-use after playing outside. It’s easy to clean dirty paws and undercoat… and the real thing my mom needs it for… my dirty bottom. These are a safe and organic way to keep me clean!
  • yakyChurro:: I’m also obsessed with these… they’re super tasty and uniquely shaped to get into those hard to reach places between teeth! Plus they have natural enzymes that help remove plaque… really everyone wins with these!
  • Enamel Pin: There was even a cute little pin for my mom in the box! She’s already got it on her work bag!

That’s a lot of awesome goodies right?! There was a lot in this box!!

ShaggySwag Box Review

ShaggySwag designs, creates and delivers high quality, one-of-a-kind dog treats, toys and other essential Swag in a perfectly curated monthly box. Based in Brooklyn, its mission is to provide dog owners across the US with a monthly delivery filled with unique top-of-the-line essentials, nutritious treats, exclusive toys, and the swaggiest of dog swag. These deliveries have products that are smart, everyday items that will keep dog owners very happy, and custom-made toys, treats and fashion that will keep your dog’s tail wagging for days. They guarantee you’ll find something awesome in every single box that will help build the connection between you and your Shaggy Sidekick.

ShaggySwag subscribers get top-of-the-line essentials, natural and nutritious treats, fun, safe and stylish toys, and other exclusive dog swag delivered right to their doors – each monthly box is designed to include exactly the sort of Shaggylicious Swag that’s perfect for their pup – all for just $38.

“We’re seeing a new age of dog companionship and we know firsthand how emotional this market is – and the pet industry has for a long time needed to catch up and recognize this new level of connection. Our dogs are family. But that doesn’t mean we need the boring dog baby toys laying around a city apartment. Give us something safe and stylish, modern and new, and give it to us for a great price” says Chris Riley, Co-founder of ShaggySwag.

FanBark: Fozzie Reviews Shaggy Swag

Want to check out ShaggySwag? Use the coupon code SHAGGYBOLT for a $25 off discount (more than 50%) on your first ShaggySwag box.

Licks & Wags,

ShaggySwag did provide us with a free box for this review, but no other compensation was exchanged. Everything mentioned above is Fozzie (and Emma’s) honest opinion.

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