‘Divergent’ Star Justine Wachsberger Talks ‘420 Massacre’

420 Massacre

Justine Wachsberger, the star of the Insurgent series has taken part in a curious film that will no doubt appeal to those looking for a good stoner film wrapped up in a gory package and topped with a bloody bow. ‘420 Massacre,’ which also stars Jamie Bernadette, comes to us from writer/director Dylan Reynolds; his name is associated with an eyebrow raising title called Nipples & Palm Trees. While that certainly sounds like my autobiography, I cannot take credit for this one. With that all in mind, it is obvious that 420 Massacre is aiming for that fun horror sub-genre we simply just don’t see enough of anymore, at least until Kevin Strange resurrects Hack Movies.

Justine was available to field some of our questions about 420 Massacre. Check out our conversation below.

How did you get involved with this project?

Doing a horror film has always been on my bucket list. When Stacey Danger told me about this project I knew I had to read it. The rest is history.

The filming location is beautiful, but rugged. What was it like to work in such a setting for most of the film?

It was quite the adventure but I think in a way it really felt like we were camping which made this film that much more fun to be a part of.

When taking a role, do you do research into the genre to build your character?

I think putting in the work is essential. Personally I love doing research and look forward to playing a character based on a true story.

Did anything creepy or unnerving happen on set?

I am extremely allergic to bees and forgot my EpiPen in Los Angeles. Being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bees was for sure the most nerve wracking thing that happened on set. I knew if I got stung it was going to be a big issue in continuing production.

Did you spend time with your co-stars off set building the comradery the group shows on screen?

We lived together in a house in the woods during filming so that definitely brought us close.

Fun fact – only one of us five smokes weed. Up to you to guess who that might be…

Jamie Bernadette seems pretty intense. What was your experience working with her on this film?

Is Jamie intense? Jamie and I bonded right off the bat at the table read. I remember her approaching me as I was walking to my car once we had finished the read-through. I probably spent most of my time off set having long conversations with her.

Could you give us some final wisdom for those actors out there who are looking to break into the business?

Put in the work and enjoy the ride 🙂

Thanks again Justine!


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