‘Shadowhunters’ 3.06 Recap and Review: A Window Into An Empty Room

Lilith has made a few more line crossing moves. Magnus and Alec begin down a relationship path they may not be able to get back from. Simon also headed to Raphael for help dealing with an obsessive vamp!

Firstly, I just cannot accept Magnus and Alec fighting! It’s too much. Their usually healthy relationship is all we have in these dark times. Seeing the resentment and hurt between them is just killing me. They deserve to be happy! Then watching Magnus more or less telling Clary to ignore her instincts that something wasn’t quite right with Jace almost broke me. When Magnus and Alec are off in their relationship, everything about them is off. Fix it!

Luke is always there for Clary and I’m so glad he is. She wouldn’t be able to make it through everything with Jace and Lilith without him. To me, Luke will always be Clary’s father. But she also really needs Jace and his cool attitude towards Clary is breaking my heart! Their love is so much stronger than some potion, I just know it. Even though Jace’s attitude and actions are really making me doubt it at the moment.

Lilith has become too much. Things have gone too far. Actually, they went too far about three weeks ago with her. But things have crossed the line so far now, I’m cringing. I also am beginning to believe there will be things Jace won’t be able to come back from. Get your nasty lips off Clary’s man, Lilith! Also, don’t ever underestimate the intuitive powers of Clary. Not only does she sense there is something off with the love of her life, but she isn’t going to let it go. The confirmation that Jace never received treatment certainly helped.

Maryse actually had me feeling bad for her this week. That’s a sentence I never thought I would say. But I will go the other way and say that maybe things wouldn’t have gone this way had she treated others better. Honestly, I’m just proud that Alec was able to forgive her for everything she has done. But it is strange to see Maryse without runes, her hair pulled back, and a power suit on.

Simon, what the hell man?! I mean, technically this is Raphael’s fault. Shocker. But Heidi is clearly dangerous and Simon has put himself in a really bad position. Not only is this girl going full Basic Instinct on his ass, but Raphael probably isn’t going to be of much help to Heidi or Simon. All this torture and craziness, just to see if Heidi could be a daylighter like Simon? Once again, Raphael, you’ve taken things too far. Though, I’m really not surprised at this point. Also, I am just accepting Simon and Maia and you give me Simon and Izzy feels.

A few lingering questions:

  • Is Ollie going to play a bigger part in the whole Lilith story line? Something about her just seems off and her constant presence has me questioning her. While this show has taught me to never trust anyone and that could be why I feel this way, there is just a lingering feeling.
  • Shouldn’t someone have checked on the status of Jace’s treatment? With everything going on with him, circumstances weren’t exactly normal and checking that he was truly all right probably should have been a priority. But since it wasn’t, I’m assuming trouble this way comes.
  • Okay, so is there something romantic happening between Luke and Maryse? Or is that just me? There definitely seemed to be some serious sexual tension between these two and the idea of them is definitely growing on me.


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