‘The 100’ 5.03 Recap and Review: Sleeping Giants

“She is.”

And BOOM – the Bellarke crowd goes wild. (I, a part of that crowd, mind you.)

So who’s still alive? I’m surprised that I am. What’s even more surprising is that I’m actually finding words for this review, for this latest episode of The 100, was probably the most heart-stopping. Am I right, or am I right?

Whether or not you ship them, you can’t deny that Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin love and value each other. But, you also can’t deny that their love for each other has only grown and deepened over time, and we witnessed that this week. How anyone can still think that they’re still platonic is beyond me. But that just might be the shipper in me talking. Or is it? I mean, THOSE TWO LITTLE WORDS!

Yes, those two little words were important, obviously, because SHE IS damn important to him – but to me, those weren’t what stood out. When Madi mentions Clarke, Bellamy asking, “Clarke’s alive?” – THAT is what got to me. His reaction was beautiful, perfect. I choked back on tears myself.

It has been six years – SIX YEARS – since Bellamy and Clarke had seen each other, and he thought that she had been dead the whole six years. Him finding out that she was alive, was as if his whole world turned downside up. After all of that time, Clarke still means everything to him, and he’ll kill everyone who comes between them.

#Platonic, right? Sure.

And what about Clarke’s reaction to Bellamy breathing the same atmosphere as her? She was so relieved, that she could have thrown herself at him, if she wasn’t just tasered. You can just really tell that she was happy to see him. After all, she did miss him. (Who radios someone every day and not miss them? COME ON.)

Oh, and after all of the time that they had been apart, they’re still so in sync. “Madi, no” – OKAY, POWER COUPLE.

SO EPIC, right? It seriously doesn’t get more than all of that … unless it’s meeting your future surrogate father for the first time. Now let’s talk about THAT.

If there was something more epic than that reunion, it’s the fact that Madi KNEW who Bellamy was. After all, it’s not as if Clarke had photos of him to show her. They’ve only known each other for seconds, and he has already signed her adoption papers. He’s seriously the “Best Dad in the Universe.” Wasn’t that mug just appropriate?

It has only been three episodes, but this season of The 100 is already shaping up to be the best one yet, and it’s not just because of the Bellarke … okay, it’s mainly because of the Bellarke. But who can blame me? I’ve waited five years for this – one year longer, if you count me reading the novels. I deserve to bask.

I can’t wait for when they REALLY reunite, with a hug and everything. And by “everything,” I mean, a kiss. Okay, I may be reaching now.

Oh! Echo – I forgot that Bellamy is with Echo. Oh, no. Gosh darn. WHAT NOW?

On a non-Bellarke note, here are a few more thoughts about the episode:

  • I love that Bellamy and Raven are the new co-leaders!
  • Speaking of Raven, she needs to stop suffering in this show! She needs to stop taking bullets and giving her life for the others. I’m just glad that Murphy is there with her.
  • And speaking of Murphy, what exactly happened between him and Emori? I’m a bit unclear on that bit. But I’m all about Pilot Emori 2K18.
  • I LOVE Zeke; I HATE McCreary. End PSA.
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