‘The 100’ Season 5 Finale Recap and Review: Damocles

The 100

Wait, the fifth season of The 100 is over? Has it really already been 13 episodes? Who ever thought that 13 episodes of The 100 would be enough? Why doesn’t The CW ever order a full season? Oh, how the network loves to torture me so.

Overall, this season was probably my most favorite of the five seasons. I believe that I say that every year, but every year, I mean it. Not only do the stories that they tell just keep getting bolder, but they seriously keep coming back for more. And we were introduced to new, refreshing characters, all of whom I loved (or loved to hate). (Almost) everything about this season was, dare I say, perfect – from Raven finally finding someone worth shipping her with, to Clarke becoming a mother, to all of the Bellarke content that we have been gifted with, to – okay, so there were some things that I wasn’t a big fan of. But it was pretty close to perfect.

Considering that I was unable to write up a review for the first part of the season finale, I will be covering both parts in this review. That being said, let me get on with it!

Kane’s fate (?!) Okay, I don’t like how I have to wait one year before I can know if Kane survives. I’m internally cursing at Vinson for critically injuring my precious Marcus Kane! I’m just glad that Abby was able to stop Vinson before he completely ate Kane up. Though cannibalism was almost everyone’s lore this season, he was such a disturbing character, given that he actually wanted to be cannibalistic, so I’m pretty relieved that he’s out of the picture. I hope that Kane survives, and I hope that Kabby survives, too – they’ve already paid for their prior sins, so their suffering needs to stop now. Please and thank you.

Lights out, everyone! So Earth, as we know it, is gone, and everyone went to sleep, cryo style, since there was nothing left to save everyone from dying of starvation/battle wounds. That was actually pretty smart of Bellamy (yes, I’m giving Bellamy the credit, since the idea sprouted from how they can save Kane’s life), recommending that all of them sleep until Earth regenerates. But they were only supposed to sleep for 10 years. Instead, they overslept, and for 125 years! It turns out, they were sleeping for that long because Earth didn’t regenerate after all – it must have suffered catastrophically from the many man-made apocalypses that it had to go through. Thank goodness for Monty for finding an alternate planet for humanity to settle on. But more on Monty later.

“My brother, my responsibility.” Bellamy and Clarke may be my most favorite relationship, but Bellamy and Octavia have always had a spot in my heart, so believe me when I say that it pains me to see Bell constantly on the outs with his baby sister. But their altercations this season (specifically in both the penultimate and the finale) have been particularly hard to take in, especially when Bell couldn’t even tell O that he loved her back before spending a bunch of years in cryosleep. A part of Bellamy may not want to forgive Octavia for the “sins” that she had committed, but he should, because he’s no saint, either. (Remember when he became Pike’s disciple?) Look, I’m not taking sides – of course I’m not taking sides, because I love them both and equally – I’m just saying that Bellamy shouldn’t be so hard on Octavia, given that he had a “dark year” himself. Despite their differences, Octavia still wanted to protect her brother from the enemy. She wanted him to survive, ultimately willing to sacrifice her own life for his safety. In the end, she still loves him. I just hope that Bellamy can eventually return the feeling.

Omon gon oson. Not only did Octavia want to sacrifice herself for Bellamy, but she also spared Indra and Gaia’s lives, protecting them from gunfire. Before Octavia’s turnaround, Indra basically mirrored Bellamy’s feelings toward her – Indra blamed Octavia for the turn that Wonkru took. But when Octavia surrendered, Indra recognized her change of heart, and acknowledged it. And though Octavia was late in her surrender, she at least finally realized her mistakes, and finally sacrificed herself for her kru. But if it wasn’t for Madi, we would’ve witnessed our favorite Blodreina die, and I don’t think that I would’ve liked that one bit, because if I’m being honest, I don’t fully blame her for everything that has happened. I mean, it was Abby’s fault, too, but I’m not opening that can of worms. Anyway! Hail, Heda! Oh, speaking of…

Commander Madi! Octavia has finally bend the knee to our new Heda: Madi Griffin, as it appeared on her cryo-pod. (I geeked out so hard when I noticed that Madi goes by Clarke’s surname!) The Madi storyline is probably one of my most favorites in the entire series, and witnessing a teenager rise up to command humanity is pretty epic.

Thankfully, cockroaches don’t die easily. Murphy’s alive! When Richard Harmon took over The 100 ’s Instagram on Tuesday, I automatically assumed that he was next in line to meet his demise (as did others, apparently). Now that I know that he’s still alive, I can return to my regularly scheduled breathing. (Well, kind of. I’m still experiencing shortness of breath due to everything else that happened in the finale, but you know…) My favorite part of the finale (aside from all of the Bellarke goodness that I will in no doubt talk about)? Murphy’s complete inability to use that gun. My stomach still hurts from rofling. Let’s not forget about Monty returning the favor by carrying Murphy (Murphy had to carry Monty last season due to his injuries)! Of course I was in tears. Also: “Oh, float me now” – so good.

May we meet again. I didn’t want to talk about Monty and Harper’s deaths, but I have to, given that this is also a recap. Yes, Monty and Harper are dead – but they chose to not sleep alongside the rest of them, and they seemed to have lived full, happy lives, especially because they were together. In an interview with EW, showrunner Jason Rothenberg had said that he had “big, long conversations [with Christopher Larkin] about [their deaths],” and that when he had “the talk” with Chelsey Reist, she saw “how potentially powerful and emotional and beautiful it would be,” giving Monty and Harper a happily-ever-after when, clearly, the series rarely veers into that route. So if the two actors who play the characters were satisfied, then damn it, so am I. At least we were provided with their spawn, who I already love and hope to see more of!

Welcome to existence, Jordan Jasper Green! Monty and Harper had a son. Whom they named after Jasper. This show really knows how to make me cry. But oh, my God, do I love Shannon Kook’s portrayal. He has nailed both Jasper and Monty’s personalities to the T. I especially loved his reaction to his parents almost having sex in front of the camera – I definitely would’ve been traumatized, too! Like I said, I hope to see more of him in the sixth season.

“Care” isn’t the word that I would use to describe it… Okay, now onto my favorite topic! I know what some of you are thinking: we were baited once again. While I can see that as being true, I also feel as if they’re finally happening. It may still be a slow burn, and it may be the longest slow burn in history (over one hundred years, bruh), but I really do feel like something has shifted between Bellamy and Clarke this season. From Clarke’s face when Bellamy woke up from cryosleep, to the tiny mini cuddle (!) when they see New Earth…never in the five seasons have we been fed so many breadcrumbs before, and you know that I’m right. One thing has been proven true, though – that since the start, Bellamy and Clarke complete each other. And Monty knows this, for he woke Bellamy and Clarke up first before everyone else to show them New Earth. Now that Bellamy knows about Clarke’s radio calls (finally!), I’m just waiting for when they actually talk about it. I get it, they clearly didn’t have the time to hash out their (obvious) romantic feelings this season (but when do they ever have the time?) – but next season, no more excuses! Jason had mentioned that there will be an episode in the upcoming season where he has certain characters “talking about their feelings, and getting emotional, and having sex” – if he isn’t talking about Bellarke…oh, wait. Becho. I forgot that Becho is still a thing. I’m…just going to keep quiet. But let me just say one thing: Clarke and Echo totally played Tug-of-Bellamy, and Clarke’s totally winning this war.

A few stray thoughts:

  • Vinson and McCreary are dead. Diyoza is alive. God is good.
  • Can Pilot Mechanic pull on my heartstrings any harder? The fact that Not Zeke wanted Raven to turn his collar on because he can’t watch her get tortured…KILL ME NOW.
  • We deserved a better Princess Mechanic reunion. Clarke and Raven haven’t seen each other in six years and that is how they react when they first see each other? Not cool.

The 100 will return in midseason on The CW.


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  1. Try playing the 100 drinking game. Everytime the word “people” is said, sip a beer. Everytime the phrase “my people” is said, do a shot. The further into the series you get, the drunker you get.