‘The 100’ 5.07 Recap and Review: Acceptable Losses

The 100

Another week, and another brilliant episode of The 100. Seriously, they keep feeding my eyeballs and my brain amazing things.

For those in need of a crash course on this week’s episode: Madi has her first training session, Bellarke tries to escape Wonkru, Echo betrays her best friend, Kane gives Abby an ultimatum, Octavia is irredeemable, and worms. A lot of disgusting worms.

Let’s get on with my thoughts.

Wonkru? More like WORMkru! Throughout the series’ five seasons, they have shown us the many ways in which the Earth was affected by the first Nuclear Apocalypse: two-headed deer, luminous butterflies, jobi nuts … even deformed humans (e.g., the beautiful Emori). But now, there are new anomalies surfacing from this most recent Apocalypse – this including the killer worms. I’m just as shocked as you when it was revealed that Cooper was experimenting on both the living and the dead, breeding the parasites in bodies so that everyone in Shallow Valley dies and Wonkru wins the war. I was kind of disappointed that their cannibalism wasn’t the big reveal. (Yes, I am still convinced of such a craze.) But anyway … ruthless, right? Speaking of which …

Hate that I love you. I have never hated to love anyone more in my life than Octavia. I know, I know – I’ve defended her a million times over this season. But even I can’t accept the step too far taken by our favorite (well, not so favorite anymore) Grounder. She has crossed too many lines to count, and I’m no longer sure if anyone can save her from the darkness that she has so deeply consumed, not even Indra. Octavia went as far as threatening to ban Indra from Wonkru – only step need taking at this point is actually throwing her into the pit. However, it’s clear that Octavia pains at the fact that her own mentor and mother figure sees her as this evil little saboteur. If anyone even has a chance to turn Octavia back into her old ways, it’s Indra. But for now, let’s just bask in the fact that Indra is now on Team Bellarke. Or, wait … are they even on the same team anymore?

Love less, fight more. It pains me to see Bellamy and Clarke butting heads this season, especially when I’d gotten used to them working side by side and as if they were one entity for five seasons. But six years apart just proves that you can’t really go back to something without obstacle. Now, this isn’t to say that there’s never going to be hope for Bellarke. No matter the situation, they’re soulmates – platonic or romantic, either way, they’re soulmates. They’re never not going to be joined at the hip and the heart. It could happen still … it’ll just take time, which unfortunately, they don’t have much of, so they better make a move on each other get a move on! Clarke’s main priority is obviously Madi, and Bellamy obviously doesn’t want to prioritize Madi over those he had spent six years in the Ark with. And when Clarke makes it known that she wants to stop Octavia, we see Bellamy’s reaction: he’s angry, hurt, but at the same time, he knows that she’s right. His sister has become a liability, and though he shares the same blood, he must stop her, and this is where Bellarke can possibly veer off path and back to the common ground that binds them together. Or they can just go to war against each other. But we obviously don’t want that. Nor do we want Octavia harmed. Or do we? I told you, I’m torn.

The rise of the second generation? While we all know that Madi is doing what she is doing to protect her Mama Bear, we also know that she can’t help but fangirl over her idol and the fact that she is now standing at her side, as her little Second. In a way, I’m excited for her, because let’s face it, there’s always going to be a part of that’ll love Octavia – I’d be fangirling, too, if I were in Madi’s shoes. There’s also the fact that we get to see little Madi kick ass! But then there’s that growing concern of her safety, a feeling we all share with Clarke and Gaia (who, by the way, I approve of being Madi’s big sis of sorts). I’m not only scared she won’t survive the war (if she really is going to be standing on enemy lines), but I’m scared that her relationship with Clarke will be threatened due to her new status in Octavia’s cultic army. I wasn’t ready for all of this pain.

Betrayalgate. Betrayal seems to be all the trend and rage for this season especially, and it seems to be the main topic in this review, no less. In this subsection, however, I’m particularly focusing on Raven and Echo. I get that Echo is just trying to save the rest of her friends, but throwing Raven’s (basically) man under the bus like that was low, especially when it’s clear that Raven is affected by him – there were tears forming in her eyes if you rewatch the scene where (not) Zeke gets thrown in with the rest of the defected. I don’t know if I can do that to someone who I’d obviously gotten close with over six years. My poor baby Raven looked so betrayed. And while we’re on the subject of Raven and Not Zeke, can they be any cuter? Of course, I was sad to learn of his backstory, and it pained me to see his precious face – well, not so precious anymore – but the chemistry between them was so intense, so personal, that it was difficult to keep my squealing and my flailing arms at bay. Stop turning me into a ball of mushy feels, you two!

You are Kabby, or enemies … to each other? Wait … that’s not how it goes? I really want to know what got Abby into her poison of choice to begin with. (It wasn’t revealed yet, right? Or am I not doing my job and completely missed the details?) Nevertheless, I always figured it would come down to a “me or the pills” ultimatum, and I always figured that Abby wouldn’t be able to choose. As a Kabby shipper, that hurts – but it’s so relatable and so real, and though cliché, is a perfect ingredient for a perfect subplot about a perfect couple. They’ll get through it.

Today, on Maury … So, Diyoza is preggo. I think that I may have guessed that at some point this season, but dismissed the idea upon watching her down all of that tequila. But I guess, in the future, consuming alcohol during pregnancy doesn’t cause FASDs? I just want them to get down to the juicy deets already – aka, who the father is! It has to be McCreary, right? Where’s Maury when you need him?

The flame is burning out. This newly-presented Monty subplot is depressing, and I don’t like it one bit. It hurt enough to watch Jasper go through with it, but to pull his best friend down the same road? Cruel. Harper, save your boy. He saved you. He deserves the same attention. He’s too precious.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The 100? Sound off in the comments!

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