‘The Originals’ Finale Review: Klaroline and Haylijah Deserved Happily Ever Afters Too

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover

On Wednesday, August 1, the first vampires in history bid their final adieu. But not only am I sad that they will no longer be gracing my television screen on a weekly basis, I’m angry that their story had ended the way that it did.

That being said, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall … Caroline Forbes, even – all of them, deserved better.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Five years prior, I recall feeling ecstatic when the backdoor pilot for The Originals was announced. At that point, I had fallen off of The Vampire Diaries‘ fan-wagon – a show that, before Elena had died, was one of the best supernatural television series to ever have been produced. I was looking forward to The Originals, which, just by its premise, had a more promising story with, (if I’m being honest), more promising characters.

Or so I had hoped.

I had hoped that this was it, the one supernatural series that, when time for its final episode, would be memorable and rewarding, and a hell of a lot better than TVD. It was, at first: my other favorite vampires (don’t you dare think that I didn’t love the Salvatore brothers, because I did), coexisting/warring with witches and werewolves in New Orleans, a city that I hold near and dear to my heart – what’s not to love about all of that?

And of course, there was Haylijah, and Klaroline (yes, because we got Klaroline even when we didn’t get Klaroline) – let’s not pretend that I didn’t watch for the romance.

The Originals was a recipe for a delicious story. It could have been breathtaking. It should have been breathtaking. But it wasn’t.

Amongst those who ‘shipped both/either Haylijah and Klaroline, I was victimized – baited to believe that my favorite ‘ships were going to live happily ever after, too. I mean, for one, Kolvina, whom I adored, got married. And my baby, Bex, was finally going to be cured – why couldn’t Haylijah and Klaroline live happily ever after, too?

It’s so unfair, and “unfair” doesn’t even cover it.

I already had my heart broken by TVD, once (Stelena). And this season, alone, I had already been baited into thinking that Supergirl’s Karamel was getting back together.

Not cool.

Objectively, (and honestly), Elijah and Klaus killing each other, to die beside each other, was a bit beautiful. It really conveyed their Always and Forever. Otherwise, both of them didn’t have to die. They really, really didn’t have to.

Of course, if I had it my way, Hayley would be alive – living in that house, alongside the bayou, with Elijah, whilst co-parenting with Klaus … well, whenever he’d return from Paris with Care. But, considering that Hayley was wrongfully murdered (yes, murdered), it would have made more sense if Elijah had been the only one to die.

Of course, it pains me to say that, but it would have made for a better story. And it would have made the most sense – Elijah sacrificing himself for his family, for a peace of mind … for a way to reunite with Hayley.

Theoretically, if only one afterlife exists in The Vampire Diaries ‘verse, then Elijah and Hayley have reunited. Was it too much to ask, though, to actually see them together?

But also, when Hope had seen her mother, Jackson was there. What did that mean? Was Hayley really still waiting for another dance, or was she already dancing with Jackson? She can’t have both?

And then, there was Klaroline. Why develop them for eight years, only to deny them the chance for happiness with each other, in the end?

I get that Julie Plec had wanted to “preserve Stefan’s memory.” I would, too. I love Stefan. But how many years have passed since his passing? Caroline was already preserving his memory, by the rings that were hanging from her neck. She was ready to have Klaus chase her for centuries, and I was ready for that, too. All of us were.

Instead, we were robbed.

I will never get over the fact that Klaus will never be Caroline’s last love. Caroline is still alive – I’m certain that she will find someone new to love in the next centuries.

But not only that. Caroline had basically been widowed – twice, now. And both men had sacrificed themselves before even telling her. How effed up is that?

Also, was it too much to ask to have her to stay for dinner?

But let’s put all of the romance to the side – even if, the narrative was lazy, sloppy … it did their characters a disservice. I’m not to say that I’m not proud of Niklaus – proud that he had finally redeemed himself, and that he was finally willing to take his own life, instead of his own daughter’s. But as I had said, he did not have die. Nor did Elijah. Or Hayley. And Caroline didn’t need her heart broken. Again.

They deserved better. They deserved love. They deserved each other.

I demand an alternate ending. Any fan fiction writers want the job?


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  1. I absolutely loved the final episode it kept me emotional kept me in tears I have followed it from the beginning to the end everything made sense I love the Originals awesome work I’m still crying LOL…wow

  2. You are so right!!! I just watched the final episode, years after it aired. I was really trying to avoid it but one day I had to and I feel robbed. I was happy that they have shown Hailey in her Afterlife at least, but was it too much to ask for Klaus and Elijah too? There were so many long seasons and really miss long seasons of 20 or more episodes. The new ones seem to end abruptly, like this one. The end was just rushed and made no sense. Why didn’t they put the hollow in someone else? Someone immortal or the stone of Kezia (or something like that)? It all made no sense made me super mad. I am glad I am not the only one.