Dylan Bruce & Parisa Fitz-Henley Talk ‘Midnight, Texas’ Season 2

The town of Midnight, Texas has its share of power couples: Olivia & Lem and Fiji & Bobo. Though the former were established before the start of season one, the audience got to watch as the latter came together after a series of unfortunate events. How did Dylan Bruce  Parisa Fitz-Henley cultivate such a believable on-screen romance? What does the future hold for a couple comprised of one witch and one mortal?

Check out our interview below to find out!

When the second season of Midnight, Texas premieres on October 26th, we’ll be releasing plenty of information for fans to gorge themselves on: tons of pictures and interviews with the cast and crew! Enjoy some of the photos below, and check back here soon for more! Until then, catch up on the first season via NBC.com or the NBC app!


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