Super Bowl 2019: Movie And Television Trailers We Are Excited About

Game Of Thrones

Did the commercials during this year’s Super Bowl interest you more than the game? Well, you’re not alone my sports ball fans, we were geeking out over the trailers and teasers being shown too!

Now that the game has passed, let’s talk about the 2019 Super Bowl movie and television trailers we are most excited about!

Our Favorite Super Bowl 2019 Movie and Television Trailers

Game of Thrones 

Bud Light had some really good ads this year! This was actually our favorite ad of Super Bowl 2019! I mean we would have likely said that about any ad that turned into a Game of Thrones teaser, because it feels like it’s been forever since the last season… We need closure HBO! Your years between seasons simply doesn’t work for us.

The highly anticipated final season comes out April 14, 2019. (Which is 68 days away… not that we’re counting or anything…)

Captain Marvel

“Higher, Further, Faster.” This Captain Marvel teaser was the perfect blend of fun and action… Need a second Captain Marvel teaser – we’ve got you covered – FanBolt may be working on a special promotion for this film next month – so stay tuned… ( see what we did there ? )

Avengers: Endgame

Unlike the Captain Marvel trailer, Avengers: Endgame trailer was dark and serious. I mean after the ending of the last film – that’s really the only tone this trailer could have had. While fans can’t wait for April 26, 2019, we all need to prepare ourselves that this may go the direction that the comics did – and it may not have a happy ending. #BePrepared

The Twilight Zone

A reboot of The Twilight Zone is coming, and we can’t wait for April 1, 2019! (Also it better not be an April Fool’s Joke. Just saying) Hosted by Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone is hopefully going to be as spooky and iconic as the original series of the same name.

On a side note, several parents that tweeted at us were none too happy with this commercial airing without a warning that it might not be appropiate for children. Do you think it should have had a warning at the beginning of the ad? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This trailer gave us chills. The Handmaid’s Tale took a bleak turn to Ronald Reagans’s famous It’s Morning Again election advertisement. The words played behind a New “Gilead” America with a more than creepy, new Washington Monument. While we didn’t get a release date for The Handmaid’s Tale, we hope to see Season 3 in May, since Season 2 came out around that time.


We’re all about Jordan Peele’s new horror movie. It looks terrifying… and awesome – so awesome. Peele knows how to do horror and after his first film, Get Out, the stakes have been raised. Us is set to hit theaters March 22, 2018. If you want to know some theories about Us before, then check out this ScreenRant article.

Toy Story 4

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we get another Toy Story movie. We’re sure Toy Story 4 will probably have us ugly crying next to a judgy five-year old just like Toy Stoy 3 – and we can’t wait it! Toy Story 4 comes out June 21, 2019.

And that’s our 2019 Super Bowl movie and television trailers recap! We can’t wait for these to come out – let us know which ones you’re most excited for in our comment section below!


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