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Pretty Little Liars Review: I Must Confess

Pretty Little Liars Review: I Must Confess


Um, wow. I honestly don’t know what to say! Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was simply amazing. We’re already terrified of ‘A,’ but after ‘I Must Confess,’ my fear went up to a whole new level! ‘A’ clearly isn’t afraid to kill to keep up her games, and that’s exactly what she did during last night’s PLL. Cue dramatic pause.

Like every episode, each liar had their problems. Not only is ‘A’ trying rip them apart, but Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) seem to be having a lot of family issues.

1. Aria:
Although I was extremely disappointed in the fact that Aria wasn’t surrounded by Jason (Drew Van Acker) or Ezra (Ian Harding), she still had a pretty interesting plot during last night’s episode. Throughout the season, Mike (Cody Christian) has been struggling, rebelling against his parents and breaking the law. At first it was aggravating, but now it’s clear that he’s in trouble. He’s keeping everyone out, and in the end, he ends up accidentally pushing, and hurting, his mom. Even though it’s clear that her mom is hurt, she still tries to make excuses for him. I can see where she’s coming from. You think by covering up the bad they do might make them change their ways, but in the end, all they do is get worse. Aria is the first to realize this, and lets her parents know that lying won’t help him. Hopefully the whole Mike situation gets fixed soon, so that we can go back to more Ezra/Aria/Jason! (Priorities)

2. Hanna:
A lot of words describe Hanna’s soon to be step-sister, Kate (Natalie Hall). Most of which, I wouldn’t be able to type for this review. She is a conniving, evil creature. I feel really bad for Hanna, she’s trying so hard to make amends with Kate, but it ends up being her downfall. Hanna gets her a book of horses, Kate gets Hanna some vodka. In the end, Hanna ends up drunk and sick, resulting in her throwing up on Isabel’s dress. It turns out that Kate had that plan all along, having Hanna ruin the dress, and daddy Marin not being happy about it at all. I wasn’t surprised about this. When someone threatens you, they aren’t going to make amends, because you gave them a used book. No. Just… no. The only good thing to happen to Hanna during this episode was her Grandmother showing up. Speaking of, I LOVE her.

3. Spencer:
Where do I begin? Shall I just go on and on about the fact that she’s the luckiest girl ever? She has the chance to make out with the GORGEOUS Keegan Allen. Not. Fair. I’d be more jealous if it wasn’t for the fact that as they were making out (In front of Jason’s house. Kind of creepy, by the way), they happened to see Spencer’s dad come out. Oh, and it wasn’t a friendly greeting, it was more like, “Why don’t you get in that truck of yours and keep driving, YOU GOT ME?!”

Um. No comment. Anger management classes were made for this reason, Mr. Hastings.

4. Emily:
Well, Emily (Shay Mitchell) didn’t have any family issues, seeing as her parents are in Texas, but she did have ‘A’ issues. (What’s new?) At the beginning of the episode she gets a text at 3 AM from ‘A.’ This causes Emily to leave the house, having all of her friends worried for her. The text turned out to be a demand asking for her to tell Aria’s mom about Ezra. Hasn’t ‘A’ already tried that one before? Well, of course she didn’t do it, but it does cause her to FINALLY see Dr. Sullivan. Oh, and Dr. Sullivan isn’t the only person she decides to see, she ends up calling MAYA! Yay! I loved them together, I’m hoping they’ll work out!

As if evil step-sisters, crazy dads, and rebellious brothers aren’t enough, they decide to throw in another twist. The liars finally decide to tell someone. They all agree on telling Dr. Sullivan, but what had started out as a great idea quickly headed in the wrong direction. Dr. Sullivan ended up figuring out who ‘A’ was. The liars meet up at her office, anticipating the news, until they get a text.

“The doctor is out. -A”

Am I the only one who got chills from that?

As always, Pretty Little Liars delivered. They keep throwing in twist after twist, and I’m not complaining. I can’t wait until the season finale next week, can you?

Rating: A+

  • What was your favorite moment from tonight’s episode?
  • What do you think the DiLaurentis’ have on the Hastings?
  • Did you miss Ezra and Jason?
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  1. yes i too miss seeing jason and ezra in the episode. (i also really miss caleb. they need to bring him back). i have no idea what the DiLaurentis’ have on the Hastings but it must be big in order for Mr. Hastings to go over there and lose his temper like that. (he really does need anger management classes. he shouldnt have gone off on spenser and toby like that). and i am sooo glad that MAYA is back!!! she and emily were so great together.

  2. Ummm I think that ppls mrhastings had some sort of like affair with alisons mom nd maybe Jason found out nd threatened him to tell ms hastings nd my fav moment was when hannas grandma caught Kate nd TOTALLY BURNED HER LOL GO GRANNY MARIN

  3. yeah the grandmother was great. totally busted her on the water trick. i hope the grandmother sticks around for awhile.


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