‘Being Human’ 3.08 Episode Review and Recap: Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland

Tell me you saw this week’s episode of Being Human, ’cause wow! If not, let’s get you caught up.

Aidan’s avoiding Nora, and for good reason. She’s still blaming him for pretty much everything bad that’s ever happened since he was turned. His case is not helped by the fact that the double-gore twins are still hanging around the house and giving her the scoop on his past escapades. Nevertheless, when Nora and Aidan run into each other at work, she agrees to be cordial for Josh’s sake. Very magnanimous of her. (At some point, Nora’s going to redeem herself on the show and I’m going to feel bad for being so snarky. That day is not this day.)

Sally’s still slowly decomposing. It’s possible she read last week’s “Things to Ponder,” because she goes to see Nick to find out if he’s having similar issues. He says he isn’t, but a couple of rotting patches on his torso would seem to disagree. He’s found his own way of dealing with it, though.

In an attempt to patch up what’s going on with her forehead, Sally starts paying attention to what Max does with other dead bodies. When she tries to steal some embalmers’ spackle (which I’m sure has another name, but I’m sticking with that one), Max catches her and demands the truth. Sally finally comes clean about the whole ghost-to-zombie transition. Max freaks out a little, but is eventually cool.

Meanwhile, Josh has decided that it’s finally time. He takes Nora to a house that they couldn’t possibly afford right now to show her his vision of their future together. Between questions about crown molding and lusting after the admittedly awesome kitchen, Josh breaks out his grandmother’s ring and pops the question. Nora tearfully accepts.

Nora’s current nemesis Aidan is trying hard to be the standup guy this episode, but no one’s letting him get away with it. He tries to break things off with Kat for Nora’s sake, but renfaire women are made of somewhat sterner stuff. His restarted flirting is interrupted by Liam and his tough guys, who take Aidan down to the basement for a little good, clean torture. Liam already knows what happened to Connor, but he thinks Aidan can tell him where Brynn is. Aidan refuses to sell Nora out, despite hours of stakes and sledgehammers. Josh comes to his rescue, but isn’t quite in time to save Aidan from getting injected with Nora’s blood with vamp plague additives. During the ensuing fight, Liam shifts to wolf form and comes after the pair. They escape, but not before Liam scratches Josh on the arm.

Josh brings Aidan home to Sally and Max. Max might be cool with the zombie thing, but he can’t handle Sally keeping Josh and Aidan’s secrets. He storms out, leaving Sally with a newly wolf-infected Josh and a plague-infected Aidan. To top that all off, Sally’s new midnight snack of choice is raw meat, echoing Nick’s favorite hors d’oeuvres: live cats. All is not well in Boston tonight.

So I’m trying hard to find something more specific and descriptive to say than “ohmigodohmigodohmigod,” but considering that’s almost exactly what I wrote in my notes for last night’s episode, I think I’m going to have to run with it. That ending was one of the lowest and most tense moments I’ve seen on this series to date. Everything has gone completely to hell each of the main trio, and it happened fast. Aidan’s infected, Sally’s either decomposing or embracing the flesh-eating side of her new personality, and Josh is a werewolf again.

I think on some level we all knew that Josh couldn’t stay human permanently. The series concept is a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, and it doesn’t work as well without those three archetypes. I’m willing to accept zombie as a ghost replacement, but only if Sally’s condition is both lasting and escalating. The point of her character at the beginning of the series is that she was forced to be a shut-in. If she can be an extrovert with a slightly strange diet, then Sally’s character becomes redundant. She becomes a less fangy, less angsty version of Aidan.

Speaking of the characters at the beginning of the series, please oh please don’t let this be a reset button for Josh. He’s brought himself back almost exactly to where he was before he became a werewolf last time: good job, friends and family support, and a fiancee. I want to see him cope with being a werewolf again, if only because it looks like Sally and Aidan are going to need him a lot in the next few episodes. What do you think?

Best Quotes:
Sally: “Please do not reset the underwear bitches when I’m here!”

Max: “You’re like a non-flesh-eating, super-articulate zombie?”

Things to Ponder:

  • Does Liam have a bigger endgame than just killing Aidan? Otherwise, this whole episode kind of negated the whole “killing Erin for the good of the pack” thing.


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  1. “Double-gore twins” is a perfect name for those two!
    Looks like the trio is going back to the start. I think Sally will return to her ghostly form although it may a few more episodes. Agree that we knew Josh had to revert back to his werewolf status. It was just a matter of when and who would turn him. As for Aidan’s future, I think Nora’s blood will impede the virus and give Aidan a fighting chance.

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Thanks, guys! I think you might be right about Nora’s blood, especially since we didn’t see Aidan react to it the same way he did to Erin’s blood.