‘Teen Wolf’ 3.01 Episode Recap and Review: Tattoo

It has been a long hiatus filled with immense hype, various speculation, and promos filling fans with excitement and fear for their favorite characters. After what has seemed like forever, Teen Wolf is back and if there was any doubt beforehand if the new season could live up to the fast paced, thrilling world of Beacon Hills, it has all been squandered now. Last night’s premiere provided tons of insight as to what the rest of the season holds… And by the looks of it, fans will be in for a rollercoaster of epic twists, heartache, and heart-stopping moments.

1. New School Year:

New year = new characters, but with bringing in additions to the cast, a very noticeable absence took place. Jackson (Colton Haynes)! It came as a shock when Colton Haynes dropped the bomb last year of his departure from the show, especially after the dramatic cliff-hanger that took place in the finale… But all is well! Apparently Jackson is off in London dealing with his new found werewolf-ness? Kind of a bad excuse, I mean they should have just gone with saying Jackson left to fight crime with a man in a green hood. I’d watch that spin-off.

2. Insane Animals:

Not really a massive part in the episode, or its plot… But wow! Seeing the birds burst through the window was extremely messed up… And don’t get me started on the terrified, horribly CGI’d, deer. Plus all of the animals simultaneously killing themselves at the vets? I thought this whole “animal intuition’ theme really added to the story. Let’s face it, it was interesting and it goes to show that with Alphas arriving in town, havoc will commence. Crows are a symbol of death, deer are perceived in some cultures as a symbol of change. The whole concept really gets you thinking about what’s in store for everyone.

3. Awkward Love:

The power couple of the series, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed), are in a bit of a rut. They ended their relationship at Allison’s request at the end of season 2, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they still don’t have feelings for each other… And what better way to show they care than to make every situation involving the duo extremely awkward! In the first few minutes Scott and Allison end up being in cars opposite each other. Seeing as the two spent a summer away from each other it’s no surprise that coming kind of face-to-face came as a shock… Nonetheless, the two completely overreacted and inevitably made it worse for all parties involved. Regardless, this awkward encounter didn’t stop Allison from passing a note to Scott, requesting that they talk after class… Sadly, Scott is pulled away before even more awkwardness can ensue. It’s obvious that the two still really care about one another, and it became even more evident when Scott explained why getting a tattoo was so important to him. Turns out, it’s sort of a reward for not calling or texting Allison during the summer, no matter how badly he wanted to. Scott and Allison’s relationship is cute, and the whole ‘forbidden love’ concept is always a great story arc, but this is getting old! It’s always on again off again. Just be together! If Scott and Allison won’t work it out, at least give us Lydia and Stiles.

4. The Alphas:

Now on to the best part! The pack of Alphas! I actually have no idea where to begin, because there is just so much to say about this pack! First off, what did they want with Isaac and his friend? From the start of the episode, the two were targeted… First by two dashing twins, Ethan and Aiden! Both are Alphas, but with a twist! They morph into one, which was demonstrated at the beginning of the episode when everyone thought they were being treated to a harmless striptease by the two. I have to say, that sequence was pretty badass, and definitely had me squeamish! Secondly, at the hospital! Isaac and his friend were taken there after being injured. It seemed that the hospital was invaded by Alphas. It was a smart move for Isaac to request Scott and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to come over, because soon a woman Alpha sedated Isaac even more so, all while trying to get the other girl. If that wasn’t enough, Scott ends up taking on another Alpha who was trying to escape with Isaac. Let’s face it, Scott would have been done for if it wasn’t for Derek! We became slightly acquainted with the Alpha pack, but the biggest surprise was the fact that the head of the pack is Deucalion (Gideon Emery), the blind man that Scott shared an awkward elevator silence with. It turns out that Deucalion has massive plans for Derek, and it involves killing his pack. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

What an epic episode! Definitely a fantastic start to a hopefully fantastic season. I was a bit worried about how the writer’s would handle Jackson’s absence, but they did a reasonable job in the explanation. Plus, there wasn’t a moment during ‘Tattoo’ that I wasn’t completely engrossed. That deserves a round of applause on its own. Yes, it was a tad bit confusing, but nothing too drastic. Honestly, if Teen Wolf lost its confusing factor, it definitely wouldn’t be as interesting. What would Teen Wolf be without constant speculation? I really liked this episode, and I have really high hopes for the remainder of the season. Teen Wolf is one of the reasons why I love summer TV!



  • Who was your favorite new character?
  • Don’t you wish freshman in your school looked like the one’s in Beacon Hills?
  • Were you satisfied on how the writer’s explained Jackson’s absence?
  • Thoughts on the mark Isaac’s friend left Lydia and Allison? (Kind of sad her story arc was so short-lived. I’m still curious to know more about her.)
  • What did the girl mean when she called Scott an Alpha?
  • Thoughts on our new villain, Deucalion?


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