‘The Originals’ 1.02 Episode Recap and Review: House of the Rising Son

With one Original down for the count, another steps up! Rebekah (Claire Holt) finally tears her way through New Orleans, causing a kink in Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) plans all while leaving a trail of dead vampires in her wake. Meanwhile, we finally get a taste of Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) history with the Original family courtesy of an epic collection of flashbacks. Two episodes in, and we’re already hooked! The Originals is well on its way to surpassing its predecessor with its ambitious storyline and cogent cast.

“It’s okay to care. It’s okay to want something.” -Rebekah

Blast To The Past

Flashbacks definitely top my list of favorite things (along with Joseph Morgan’s accent). During this episode, we were treated with a bit of backstory on Klaus and Marcel’s relationship, along with a small telling of Rebekah’s devastating love-life. After killing Rebekah’s boo, the Originals decide to attend the funeral of the poor guy. They end up running into his half-brother, the unnamed bastard child, being beaten. Something clicked with Klaus, forcing him to protect the child and eventually take him under his wing. After seeing the boy’s struggle to survive, he decided to name him after the god of war… Marcellus. Thus beginning the deep history between the two. Soon we see Marcel all grown up and pining after Rebekah, much to Klaus’ distaste. Klaus threatens Marcel to stay away from Rebekah if he values a future in the supernatural realm, but his threats go unwarranted. Marcel ends up making a move on Rebekah, resulting in Klaus almost killing him- but in the end, Rebekah ends up paying the price… For 52 years. Once awoken, Rebekah is stunned by the news that Marcel had the choice to undagger her, but decided against it in exchange for eternal life. Heartbreaking twist. Poor Rebekah!

Baby Mama Drama

Once Elijah (Daniel Gillies) goes missing, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) realizes that she truly is alone. Rebekah, in a pursuit to terrorize her brother, implants the idea into Hayley that once she gives birth to Klaus’ baby, he’ll kill her the second she does something wrong. This prompts Hayley to do the only thing she believes might help the situation – kill the baby. She goes to an herb store, and asks the clerk, just as she was leaving, for Wolfsbane. Thinking the clerk, Celeste (Raney Branch), could be trusted, Hayley reveals her pregnant-werewolf state. No one in New Orleans can be trusted apparently, and the news of a werewolf in the Quarter soon reaches Marcel. As three vampires come to attack Hayley, Rebekah steps up and saves the day, which ultimately resulted in her killing two more of Marcel’s men, messing with Klaus’ plan even more so. Klaus finally reveals what he has up his sleeve, revealing that he gave Elijah to Marcel in hopes of a peace offering. He also reveals that, with all Marcel’s vampires drinking vervain, he had to start from scratch. He’s compelled Marcel’s love interest, Cami (Leah Pipes), to report back to him on Marcel’s doings as well as a freshly turned vampire. Unfortunately, Klaus’ plan isn’t as brilliant as he hoped, because he didn’t add in one major game-changer.

Secret Weapon

With the help of Hayley, Rebekah finds the strength to go against Klaus’s wishes and to confront Marcel on his captivating of Elijah. Rebekah barges in on Marcel’s date with Cami and causes nothing less than a massive raucous. After threatening his date, Marcel agrees to take Rebekah to see Elijah, but with a catch! Rebekah finally comes face-to-face with Marcel’s secret weapon, Davina (Danielle Campbell). Not liking Rebekah’s attitude, Davina gives Rebekah a taste of her power, resulting in a failed attempt at saving her brother, a lesson in what is now Marcel’s, and probably a concussion. Rebekah later reveals to Klaus that Davina wiped her memory of the location, so they now have a bigger problem at hand – an individual who may be even more powerful than an Original. And that’s not even the worst part! With Marcel feeling exceedingly threatened, he’s now trying to get Davina to figure out how to kill an Original vampire. Uh oh.

We’re hooked. It was inevitable, really, with the all-star cast and the controversial plot, but it’s done. I’m so excited to see what happens next – mainly, how long will it take for Klaus to get Elijah back – but I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that this show will stay consistently flawless. I’m still flabbergasted that we’re only two episodes in!



  • Are you loving The Originals as much as FanBolt?
  • Could Davina be more than just a witch? What could she be?
  • How long do you think Elijah will be daggered for?
  • Thoughts on Cami being Marcel’s weakness?