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Knightley Shuns Hollywood For London

Knightley Shuns Hollywood For London


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has blasted Hollywood residents for leading an insular
existence, insisting she could never survive in such a stifling environment.

The British beauty – who has bagged a Golden Globe nomination for her
performance in Atonement – has become a prominent name in Hollywood, but
couldn’t bear to live amongst her movie-obsessed contemporaries.

Instead, Knightley has chosen to stay in London – because it offers so much
more variety.

She tells Cosmopolitan magazine, “It’s a funny place – I could never live in
Hollywood, because there’s nowhere to escape to. You find yourself sitting
around a lot and every conversation you have is about the movies.

“I think you have to be in a city that has different walks of life that you
can observe – and, for me, that’s London.”


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