Cyrus: ‘Jonas & I Were Never Dating’

Teen sensation MILEY CYRUS has left fans confused about the status of her
romance with rumored ex-boyfriend NICK JONAS.

The 15-year-old tour mates reportedly split last month (Dec07), but Cyrus
insists they were never together in the first place.

The Hannah Montana star says, “No one knows we were ever together, so how
could we break up if we were never together… No one has proof… We aren’t
broken up and we’re not together.”

But she accepts fans of Jonas’ band The Jonas Brothers are finding news that
the couple never dated hard to believe – and they still think Cyrus is dating
their hero.

And she’s well aware of the fact some young girls hate her because they make
it clear at her concerts.

She explains, “I had a sign that said, ‘I’ll fight you for Nick Jonas…’ I
think she (fan) might have hit me.'”



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