Celebrity Style: Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Her Own Drink – The Snooki Bomb Pop!

Jersey Shore lovers and Snooki fans can now show their love for the series with Exclusiv Vodka’s new drink – The Snooki Bomb Pop! We knew that Snooki was going to be getting her own drink at some point! The Snooki Bomb Pop is a new vodka drink that isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s got great flavor too!

FanBolt received a bottle of both the Exclusiv Orange and the Exclusiv Raspberry, so we could test out the Snooki Bomb Pop (Which made for an awesome Friday afternoon here!). The results? Everyone loved it! It’s the perfect blend of flavors for the summer months that await us. To be able to make your own though, you’re going to need to pick up a few things from the store. Here’s the official breakdown:

Exclusiv “Snooki Bomb Pop”
1/2 oz Exclusiv Orange
1/2 oz Exclusiv Raspberry
1/2 Orange Curacoa
1/2 Sour mix
Splash 7up
Shaken, poured as a shot
Sink grenadine

We think all our favorite shows should have their own drink. It’s such a great idea! Can we request that Gossip Girl be next?

Noted mixologist, Daniel Seelbinder is the creator behind the Snooki Bomb Pop. He created the drink exclusively for Exclusiv Vodka – which you can find in retail stores, restaurants, nightclubs and bars nationwide with a strong concentration in New York, Connecticut and Florida, where the Snookie Bomb Pop is already a patron favorite.

Visit Exclusiv Vodka online at: http://www.exclusiv-vodka.com/

Have you tried out The Snookie Bomb Pop yet? Let us know in our comment section below if you have and what your thoughts were!


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