Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: DS & Wii Review

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town DS & Wii Review

Nintendo DS Version

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is a nice little Christmas spirited children’s game for the Nintendo DS system. It provides you with many small and simple puzzle games in an adventure mode that tells the story of Santa Claus. It has three adventures in which you can partake, though the last two are locked as you will need to run through the first one before you can begin to unlock the next two. You can also choose to replay each puzzle you come across in the activities menu later on once you are done with the adventure mode.

Each puzzle ranges from connect the dots, word finders, paintings, match the color to the number and much more. It even has a Christmas song sing-a-long in the activities menu. All of the puzzles and games are really simple for your children to enjoy and they will have very little difficulty with it if any at all. If you are looking for a children’s game with simple puzzles that goes along with telling the story of Santa Claus in a nice visual presentation then this is a game you should look to.

For me personally on this title, it is something that I can’t fully enjoy in terms of playing the games as there is no challenge for me. I can’t say that I ran through each puzzle perfectly though. Since this is a platformer type mini game, I did miss time my jumps a few times and had to start over. However, it’s not a challenging game for an older person. I must make that clear as only young children will get enjoyment out of this title. However, the story telling is still nice and in good presentation for anyone to enjoy.

Nintendo Wii Version

The Wii version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is a much better version. It’s a simple platformer and you can make your way through multiple levels. It also has some simple motion control mini-games to go along with it. I would expect that this version would be much more enjoyable for your children to play. The story is told by animation with voice acting so it is presented better than the DS version.

This isn’t the most challenging game either – it’s very simple Christmas video game to pick up, play and enjoy. There are hidden items for you to look out for and collect throughout each level which are easy to miss. But this will provide you with a little bit of an added challenge in finding them. It really isn’t that hard though if you make it a point to look for them.

If you are to get one of the two versions of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town for your child than I will definitely recommend the Wii version of this title.


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