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Home Entertainment 99 Bullets Review: An Interesting eShop Shooter
99 Bullets Review: An Interesting eShop Shooter

99 Bullets Review: An Interesting eShop Shooter


99 Bullets Review

99 Bullets is a top down shooter for the Nintendo DS available on the eShop for the 3DS as well.

In 99 Bullets you only have 99 bullets available for you to use in each level. The game uses both screens on the DS/3DS, so you will see enemies coming from both ends while you can maneuver through both areas. Being limited to the amount of bullets you can fire is definitely an interesting concept. You will need to shoot wisely when you do fire and make sure you make each bullet count. There were even areas where the level wasn’t over, but I had used up all of my bullets. I also had levels where I had bullets left over. So you will need to learn the levels and shoot wisely.

There are a total of 12 levels for you to play through in the arcade mode, and 4 of those 12 levels are boss levels. Each level is fairly fun to go through, and the concept of the game makes it far more enjoyable. The levels aren’t very complicated when it comes to visuals – it’s pretty simple looking but not in a bad way. It’s just nothing that will wow you. Musically, it’s fairly average as well, but again that’s not a bad thing.

Due to the limited number of bullets you have, the scoring system is pretty fun. You will want to make sure every bullet counts, and that you can combo up your kills. At the end, you will get a max combo bonus to add to your score. Also, if you take damage you don’t die as you have a health meter. However, when you do take a hit it will take 2,000 of your score away, which is a pretty decent hit to your score. Also, it seems that it is better to have bullets left over since it will add to the remainder of your bullets in the scoring system.

Overall I really enjoyed this title as I do like shooters and it did give me a nice challenge to go through. I would certainly recommend picking this one up if you are a fan of shooters and at $4.99 or 500 DSi points this game is worth it. The only thing that leaves me saddened is there is no online leaderboards – as that always helps the replay value of shooters.

Score: 3/5

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