One Epic Game Review: Many Challenges That Will Drive You Crazy

One Epic Game Review

One Epic Game
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
App Store

Opening Statement

One Epic Game is certainly entertaining, but it could very well drive you up a wall.

About the game

One Epic Game is an action shooter that you can find available in the App Store for $0.99 cents. The entire premise of the game is that it pretty much makes fun of games and gamers as the story is told. You’ll be shooting zombies, aliens and world war II soldiers as the game purposely picks these clichés for you to go up against. It certainly does come off as rather funny and I am sure most gamers will enjoy that aspect of the game.

One Epic Game features a story mode, Free Run mode and Challenges mode. Story is obviously the best place to start as it will go through the game with you and how to play. When it comes to playing Free Run mode, you will be able to choose the level of your choice and then just continuously play as long as you’d like. The game does feature achievements/awards so you will have some goals to set out after while playing Free Run mode, which makes it more enjoyable. Also, the leaderboards will make it more enjoyable to play through as well in Free Run mode.

The further you get in any mode the more of a challenge this game becomes. Believe me, it can get very frustrating, even to the point of where you want to stop. That’s a good thing for this game though, but it’s also something to be aware of before purchasing it. It can make continuing in Story Mode feel not worth the effort at times. However, when playing free run mode begins to get challenging and you’ve had enough, you just simply quit and it will register your high score.

One of the nice features is that every 1,000 meters you run it will save you at a checkpoint so that when you die you can start over from that exact point. That is a very helpful tool. This is especially true when it comes to some of the challenges that Story Mode sets you up with, such as gaining a score of 150,000 points. That is simply not possible to do it without dying. So your entire time of playing through that level you will be hoping to get 1,000 meters after 1,000 meters, where eventually you will have accumulated enough points along the way and will finally start paying more attention to finishing off your score.

One Epic Game has a lot of fun challenges that you will enjoy playing without a doubt. But again, they do not make some of these easy on you and that is a good thing as you will want to get a lot of value and replay value out of it. However, it could frustrate you enough to the point that you need to step away from it for awhile before you return to playing it again.

Gameplay – Controls

The gameplay can be very enjoyable from level to level, as well as very challenging. The entire time that you play the game your character is automatically running, where the only thing you do is jump and shoot. You will jump to avoid obstacles and to jump onto the next platforms. Of course while doing that you will also be shooting at the enemies. The entire difficulty of this game comes from the jumping aspects from one platform to the next. As you play there will be moments when the speed in which you are running will pick up and make you have to react even faster. You’ll come across many platforms that will screw you over with your jumps. That doesn’t happen sometimes, it happens almost all the time! That’s how difficult it will be to time your jumps and to choose when you should jump. Also the height of your jumps come into play as you can hold down for a big jump or tap for a small jump. When your character is running at a faster speed you will more than likely only want to tap it. But, it changes up on you so much and so quickly that it becomes very difficult.

Also, the game doesn’t follow any pattern when it comes to the platforms that you see in front of you. So when you die you will be dealing with a new random layout in that level. So, if you die it won’t matter to remember how you died because you may not see that same level layout the second time. At least not right away. Also, as you make your way through the game, there are multiple weapon upgrades to collect, as well as hearts and bonus point icons. The bonus point icons are wonderful, especially if you are on a large multiplier chain of kills without taking any damage or shooting randomly placed people, or even cows, that you aren’t supposed to shoot. There are many aspects that make this game a lot of fun to play and enjoy. I would actually guess that most people would spend more time playing in Free Run mode than anything else. This is due to the fun that’s involved while adding to their top scores and, of course, trying to gather all of the awards/achievements that the game offers.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor – Final Notes

My enjoyment level for this game was obviously mixed as it drove me crazy with some of the challenges that it presented with the Story Mode. Eventually, after many many tries and the multiple times I had to put the game down for awhile, I was able to get through them. I will say that playing for achievements and high scores in Free Run mode was a lot of fun and well worth the time. If you are looking for a great challenge with a game that is also lots of fun, then I would recommend this title to you because One Epic Game will certainly give you just that. At $0.99 cents there is really no wrong you could do in getting this title, even if you are only slightly interested.

Score: 3/5


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