Full Seasons Ordered Of ‘Outsourced’, ‘The Event’, And More

NBC has ordered full seasons of some of fall’s hottest shows, and fans are more than happy to see confirmation of it [considering a couple of them were mentioned to be on the chopping block at one point].

‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ and ‘Outsourced’ will indeed play out in full as both are confirmed to be getting full seasons. Now here’s the big one. Fans of the new tv thriller series ‘The Event’ have recently been down and out with rumors that the show could be on it’s way to the chopping block in the near future. Fear no more fans, NBC is finally confirming that the network will keep ‘The Event’ around for a full season!

No word yet on what the ‘Outsourced’ order might mean for the scheduling of returning comedy ‘Parks & Recreation,’ which has been on hiatus this fall for star Amy Poehler’s maternity leave.


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  1. Me too… I was one of the fans that was concerned about the ratings. I know the producers have 5 years of this series planned out and I’m already completely invested. 🙂

  2. Don’t think that I had heard that the producers have 5 years of it planned out. That’s pretty awesome! Makes me even happier that it got picked up for the full season.

  3. That’s what one of the actors told me at Comic Con this year. Definitely makes me happier it got picked up too! 🙂

  4. That is great those shows got picked up so early in the year, it will really give those shows a chance to stretch their legs and show people what they are really about. Always frusterating when they get cancelled after a eppy or 2.

  5. Carmen, I know I hate that – Miss Emma, great news, I’m excited for it all to play out. Princessbryn I didn’t know that either but at least I know I have a big time frame to watch it lol. I missed Smallville’s who run on air and I really wanted to see that. 🙁

  6. I’m really excited about the Event…but I’m a little nervous about a full season of Outsourced getting picked up. That means Parks & Recreation is probably gonna take Community’s spot since it’s in jeopardy. Community is so much better than Outsourced, it just has a sucky time slot!

  7. I’ve only seen the pilot for Outsourced and it didn’t grab me at all. I’m considering checking out one more episode to see if it improved, but I agree Community is WAY better.