Brad Paisley Concert Review: An All-American Show

Have you seen a Jack in the Box commercial lately? Country star Brad Paisley lists off a number of random things (dog sweaters and toddler pageants among them) that are more All-American than he is. Although that spot was done in jest, Paisley’s audience overwhelmingly believe he’s the real All-American deal. His songs have been in their lives for over a decade and his concerts never get old. A capacity crowd at the Shoreline Amphitheater greeted the star in their usual manner, with homemade posters, shrill screams and genuine love for his music.

The Band Perry is ready to head line. After years worth of touring the nation’s largest venues in a support role, these three are clearly ready to have their own support acts. The family Perry hit the stage and ran through a slew of memorable hits. Of course, the one song that got a rising crescendo of cheers was “If I Die Young,” but their recent single “Postcard From Paris,” also elicited a sing-along. Kimberly Perry looks and sounds the part of country star and has a stage presence that backs it up. The entertaining set ended too soon.

This year was dubbed “The Virtual Reality Tour.” So, naturally, Paisley came prepared. Green lasers entertained while Paisley sprinted up and down the sides of the stage and an eerily real computer generated likeness of Carrie Underwood appeared to sing a duet with Brad.

Paisley always puts on a show with big time production value. But it isn’t needed. An amp and a few guitar solos would be just fine. That being said the 90 minute performance was not lead guitar solo light. Paisley spent a healthy amount of time engulfed with screaming fans on a short catwalk, spotlight on him and his Fender Telecaster. Those solos got the crowd so amped up that actual songs may not have been required from Paisley. He obliged and made sure to perform a few of his hits anyway.

There is no end in sight for Paisley. He’s been head lining The Shoreline for years. The show never experiences a fluctuation in fan support. Sell outs are expected along with an unforgettable night from the head liner. Paisley delivers every July, when he steps foot on the massive amphitheater stage. This time around he spotted a fan draped in red white and blue, sitting front and center. The flag ended up hanging on the neck of Paisley’s gleaming guitar as he wailed away, mid song, his lyrics being sung by thousands. How much more All-American can you get?

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