Catching Up on the Wii U – The Wonderful 101

Wii U – Catching Up on Nintendo’s Wii U Console

The Wonderful 101
This is a wonderful and fun idea that doesn’t quite provide users with the easiest of times. It has a quirky charm with its story of the wonderful ones and how they must protect the city from the alien invaders. There is a lot to like about its presentation, and its gameplay is also enjoyable when the difficult controls don’t get in the way.

I really wanted to like The Wonderful 101, and I did walk away with a worthy playing experience, but the thing that sticks with the player the most is the difficult to master gameplay. After hours and hours, players can eventually get the hang of it, although they will always get roughed up a little as the gameplay can be fast-paced and sometimes too quick as players need to dodge enemy attacks while trying to draw a specific weapon on the gamepad at the same time.

While The Wonderful 101 proves to be difficult with camera issues and control problems, I still think the dedicated can find an entertaining experience within. It wouldn’t be the worst decision to join the wonderful ones on their quest to ridding the planet of the alien invaders, but be prepared for seeing a lot of cartoon characters in their underwear! Yes, that’s what happens when players die in action.


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  1. you can draw with the right analog stick. Yes it does take a bit to get the hang of the game, but once you do… It’s SO MUCH FUN, but I do agree the learning curve is A bit high