‘Lost Girl’ 4.11 Episode Recap and Review: End of a Line

Zombies! There are zombies in this episode of Lost Girl. Yes, we’re calling them “revenants,” but they’re zombies! One shows up in Bo’s kitchen, only to be beheaded by Acacia (Tam’s old mentor, remember?). The revenant was carrying one of The Wanderer’s tarot cards, leading Tam and Acacia to believe that Rainer was the one behind the attack. Bo, of course, refuses to believe it, so the three of them go out investigating.

They head out to talk to the Cult of the Dead, only to get attacked by another revenant (largely so that Dyson can join the party with sufficient flair). Bo and Acacia take the head of the kitchen-revenant to Harvey, who is able to read the revenant by knocking back a shot glass of its blood. According to the taste, the revenant belonged to Acacia. She says that she killed the original spirit, but that she didn’t raise it.

Meanwhile, Dyson and Tam are exploring the Slum of the Dead a bit. They run into a random nut who seems to have some idea of what’s going on. He sends them to Laveau, a voodoo priestess. She takes control of Acacia’s sword in order to get the others to bring her the Origin Seed. Dyson takes care of that threat pretty handily by just knocking the priestess out. They bring her comatose body to Harvey for more information.

A mistake, as it turns out. Harvey and Laveau are in cahoots. Laveau summons a whole horde of zombies to deal with Bo and the gang. Bo realizes that Laveau is the head revenant, beheads her, then drinks her blood. Doing so gives Bo the power to lay the revenants to rest. Woo!

Later, Tam talks to Acacia alone. She knows that Acacia had something to do with the revenants. Acacia says that she came with a warning. Massimo is still alive and he’s planning something big. Tam goes to have a chat with Bo. As they talk, they notice pictures appearing in one of Trick’s books at the Dál. Evidently, Rainer is being written back into history. Tam doesn’t recognize him, though, which means that Rainer may not be the Wanderer, after all.

Back over in the B plot, Kenzi is freaking out a little. Hale is coming over and he has something big on his mind. She’s thrown for an even bigger loop when her mother and Cousin Dimitri show up on her doorstep. Hale invited them over for dinner (because that’s not portentous or anything). Kenzi and her mom don’t have the best relationship. When Kenzi was younger, her mother chose her deadbeat boyfriend over her own daughter, leaving Kenzi to fend for herself on the streets. Now Mom has sworn that she’s thrown the deadbeat out and that she’s terribly sorry for everything that happened. Kenzi is pretty skeptical, but is willing to start working on their relationship again.

The family sits down to a happy dinner, and by dessert, it’s pretty obvious that Hale is working up to something. He tells Kenzi that her mother is there because he wanted to get her blessing. He pulls out a ring and proposes! Before she can give him an answer, Cousin Dimitri’s phone rings. It’s Mom’s deadbeat boyfriend, wanting to know when he’ll get his money from Hale. Evidently, Mom lied about the whole “kicking him out” thing. Kenzi throws her family out of the house and runs upstairs.

Hale finds her up there later and they have a very sweet talk. Her answer is definitely leaning towards “yes, but not quite yet.” She starts wearing the ring, anyway. Bo comes home in time to celebrate a bit, and Kenzi sends her out for booze and party snacks.

While Bo is out, Massimo shows up with a yen for some serious vengeance. Hale comes down the stairs as Massimo is whaling on Kenzi, so he takes on the half-mad druid himself. Hale beats the stuffing out of him, but as he’s going to tend to Kenzi, Massimo wakes again and stabs Hale through the chest. Massimo leaves, telling Kenzi her debt is paid in full. Hale whispers that he loves her, then dies in her arms. Bo comes home, but there isn’t enough chi present to save Hale the way she saved Dyson.

Oh, that just hurt, Lost Girl. Yes, I cried. No, I’m not sorry. I own up to my Hale-related tears. Now, I know they say that no one ever really dies in science-fiction (or urban fantasy, as the case may be), but it’s time for some hard truths. We had a press call with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, and Kris Holden-Ried on Tuesday. There was no coy, “you never know…” smirking. Just a lot of “We all loved K.C. and hope to work with him on other projects.”  Our favorite siren appears to be gone for good, I’m afraid, and he’ll be greatly missed.

In other news, good lord, was the blood thing necessary? Yes, I know it was just stage blood, but I’ve had stage blood. I’ve yet to find a flavor that isn’t juuuust this side of death warmed over. Actually sipping that sludge must have been wretched. My hat off to you, one-off character guy. (For the record, the label may say “chocolate,” but it’s like chocolate from the depths of hell. Just don’t do it.)

Best Quote:

Harvey: “It’s hard to tell the terror from the terroir.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Will Kenzi’s mother’s boyfriend become a plot point at some time in the future, or was that just a throwaway?
  • What is Vex going to do with the Origin Seed that he may or may not have?

Lost Girl 4.11 Episode Recap and Review: End of a Line

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