Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Multiplayer Weekend on Steam

Call of Duty: Ghosts is rocking yet another free multiplayer weekend on Steam. Starting today (5/1) and lasting until Sunday (5/4), players can put themselves in the middle of intense fast-paced multiplayer action, playing any of their favorite multiplayer game modes. Of course, and as always during a free weekend, Ghosts is available to purchase at a discounted price as Activision is sporting another publisher sale on Steam.

Players can pick up the Call of Duty: Ghosts – Gold Edition at 33% off and the Hardened Edition at only 20% off. Activision changed the prices on their titles every day during its previous sale, so if anyone is looking to jump on this deal, I would recommend waiting until the final day to make sure the discount doesn’t increase.

Now go enjoy the free multiplayer weekend! I know I’ll certainly be tempted to waste more hours playing some hardcore team deathmatch. I wonder how long it’ll take me to have a good round similar to the one in the video below. I haven’t played in so long!


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