Project CARS – Getting a Handle on the Race

I recently gave my impressions of Project CARS, a racing sim that’s now available on PC and consoles. Since giving my initial impressions I’ve spent even more time driving through the PC version of the game, enjoying its realistic gameplay as I go through the career mode.

I started out playing the game with some of the less powerful cars that are a little easier to handle, but now that I’ve made my way further into the game I’ve gotten a good feel for some of the more powerful vehicles that really scream for speed, and oh my goodness am I having a lot of fun!

I really enjoy the challenging yet controllable gameplay that’s featured throughout the game. It can sometimes feel like every lap is a challenge as it certainly keeps the player fully engaged in every moment of the race. Not every lap is going to be perfect, but completing a near perfect lap and setting a great lap time feels incredibly rewarding. That’s what makes Project CARS a real joy to play.

Below you’ll find numerous gameplay videos that showcase the game’s handling with different vehicles and tracks. Most videos are from career mode, but I did get in some time online on Nurburgring. Let’s start out with that!


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