ATH-ANC9 Review: Stellar Sound from Audio Technica

I recently reviewed Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint headphones and found them to be very effective with great sound, though maybe a little fragile on design. Now I take a look at Audio Technica’s next level model, the ATH-ANC9. These headphones don’t feel nearly as frail when handling and certainly go beyond being effective as they extend to a level of pure excellence. The ATH-ANC9 headphones are absolutely stellar.

The ATH-ANC9 headphones provide users with brilliant sound and comfort, giving them superb listening quality of all their favorite tunes for hours at a time. They are designed much stronger than the ATH-ANC70 and don’t feel as if they’ll break on me if I make one wrong move with them or accidentally drop them. With the price listed anywhere from $249 (Amazon) to $349 (Audio Technica’s website), these are certainly a pair of headphones that users want to make sure last for a long time. The tougher build of the ANC9 allows me to be slightly more at ease with these headphones compared to the ANC70, but of course I’ll always be extremely careful when handling them. They do come with a lovely storage case to protect them while they’re not in use.

The headphones are tougher in design, but are incredibly comfortable and fit on the ears nicely.


The ATH-ANC9 headphones also use the QuietPoint technology that blocks up to 95% of nearby sound. The headset actually features a new ‘Tri-Level Cancellation’ that uses three different channels set for different environments. Mode 1 offers the biggest noise cancellation effect and is ideal for using on airplanes, trains and busses. Mode 2 targets mid-range frequencies that’s ideally used in offices or crowded areas. Mode 3 is meant for a more peaceful environment that can help users focus when it comes to study or work.

Once listeners activate the noise cancellation feature, they’ll forget all about their surroundings!

Most importantly, by using the ATH-ANC9 headphones, I have now experienced the best sounding headphones yet. I discovered that the ATH-ANC70 headphones have a great sound, but these find a way to move up to the next level. They are booming with bass yet still give off such a smooth and beautiful tone that they make every song, no matter what the genre, sound incredibly pure.


I remember a while back when I received my first pair of high-quality headphones and how I couldn’t wait until the next opportunity I had to listen to music again. I haven’t had that same reaction with any pair headphones, until now. That’s how wonderful these headphones are to listen to. I can’t wait to put them on so I can get back to enjoying all my favorite melodies, again and again.

For those who love a stronger bass but actually want to hear more than just the booming beats of a song, these are a fantastic option for any music lover. The sound quality is so smooth and so good that everyone can forget about the high price tag once they begin listening with them. Anyone who’s shopping for a high quality pair of headphones need to do their ears a favor and check out the ATH-ANC9 headphones from Audio Technica.

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