Kiss Reunites Gamers with Past Addictions

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Ok, so I don’t know about you, but I certainly had a great deal of fun when I first played Gun Metal on the Xbox. Anyone else remember that game? It puts players in control of a walking mech that unloads a number of different weapons on approaching enemies, a mech that can transform into a flying fiery that unleashes destruction on enemies that dare try to stand in the way. Yeah, I remember having a lot of fun with Gun Metal.

What’s great is that Kiss Ltd, a U.K.-based digital distribution company that focuses on supporting indie developed titles, has helped bring back these past memories by releasing them on Steam. While speaking with David Clark, Head of Marking at Kiss Ltd, he mentioned that games like Gun Metal and Street Racing Syndicate are examples of games that resonate with an audience who remembers them the first time around and an audience that enjoys discovering games from yesteryear.


“The main focus of Kiss is to support indie developed games (we see ourselves as the home of the indie game). There is a huge demand for this type of game, but often indie developers struggle to get their game listed. It’s also difficult for them to burn through the clutter of other games when trying to get their message out. Kiss attempts to solve this problem whilst ensuring they retain as much of the revenue generated as possible and (more importantly) retaining control of their IP.”

Clark went on to say that developers recognize the need for support and that Kiss Ltd, in return, recognizes that there is a demand for these type of games, therefore offering its services to bring many titles back to the market.
So that’s all great and fun, yeah? Especially when I can stomp around in a mech and then fly high to destroy all enemy foes!


Kiss Ltd, as mentioned above, is also responsible for bringing Street Racing Syndicate back to gamers through Steam. This is another title I put some time into on the Xbox, earning lots of cash and winning new girlfriends. Oh the joys of being such a great street racer! I also tried out Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection, a shoot ‘em up that has players doing math while dodging a swarm of bullets. It definitely sounds odd and was interesting to experience for the first time, but it certainly has its appeal.

Thankfully, even though these titles have aged, all of them still present gamers with a lot of fun. Here’s a quick breakdown on each title.

Gun Metal
2014-05-01_00005Gun Metal is still a lot of fun to play today. The missions are very short and benefit anyone looking to play a few quick rounds. Mission objectives include defending against basic enemy attacks on the player’s home base, along with more intense battles against larger carriers and offensive attacks against enemy bases. There are plenty of weapons for players to arm their mech with, including different type of missiles, bombs, and other unique weaponry. I’m having a great time reliving the memories once again and definitely recommend gamers give this title a look at on Steam. At times the game can seem very easy, while other times have offered an enormous difficulty. I do sometimes struggle with controlling the mech when it’s flying, but it’s manageable for the most part.

I love quickly switching between attacking on the ground to soaring in the skies above with a press of a button. It makes defending multiple zones very entertaining. It’s time to fly!

Street Racing Syndicate
2014-05-10_00003Street Racing Syndicate is another title that still holds well today. I’m a racing fanatic, so I can always enjoy a racing game no matter what. However, with its open streets and different ways of earning cash, this is a mighty fun racer that can entertain anyone. It’s great to wager money against single opponents on each individual race within a series of races, meaning players can earn even more money than what’s normally offered by winning a series. The sensitive handling and arcade style of play holds up well, though I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the tracks. Competition isn’t much to be fear at the beginning, but it does increase the further players get in the campaign. There are plenty of events to race in, one on one battles, and more! Oh yeah, did I mention that players can earn respect points to get girlfriends? Yup, drivers can earn girlfriends and then take them back to the warehouse to watch them dance…

Hot cars, hot girls, and the ability to earn lots of money; Street Racing Syndicate still offers players with plenty of racing entertainment.

Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection
2014-05-10_00002Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection, like I mentioned, is a shooter that has players solving math questions while dodging enemy bullets. Numbers fall from the top of the screen, forcing players to maneuver their way through bullets to collect them. By collecting numbers and solving the math question, players increase their weapon’s power and multiplier. It’s a unique approach for a shooter and that’s what makes it so intriguing to play. The game handles well, though enemies aren’t that exciting and the bosses don’t interest me much. It’s certainly the math aspect that makes this game stand out some.

Kiss has brought back some very noteworthy titles, and far more than the three I decided to focus on. The full list of games can be found at this link.

Alright, time to get back to racing!


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