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Rhimes ‘Surprised’ At Heigl’s Emmy Row

Rhimes ‘Surprised’ At Heigl’s Emmy Row


GREY’S ANATOMY creator SHONDA RHIMES was surprised at KATHERINE HEIGL’s refusal
to submit her name for this year’s (08) Emmy Awards – but didn’t feel insulted
by the snub.

The actress claimed writers on the hit show were not giving her enough good
material and pulled herself out of the running for a gong – and rumors spread
she would be axed from the show as a result.

But show creator Rhimes strongly denied the reports – and has now spoken out
over the alleged row.

She tells People.com, “I didn’t feel insulted. When I was told (what Heigl
said) I found it surprising. I love and respect Katie as an actress. But she is




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