Resident Evil HD Remaster – Haunting Memories

I, like many of us, have a lot of memories of playing the Resident Evil series. I remember borrowing the original from a friend and trying my best to make my way through the mansion without jumping or freaking out over a nearby zombie when I had no ammo left.

Playing the new Resident Evil HD Remaster version on Steam has quickly reminded me of the limited ammo situations players go through. It’s not that fun! I mean, it is fun, it’s just not what we’re used to these days. This type of gameplay is good for a great and thrilling challenge and it definitely sets a tone in the game. Having to be conservative with ammo is something we rarely see in titles these days as we run and gun with our unlimited ammo or multiple guns. Heck, we can even pick up the guns of fallen enemies in games! Darn you, zombies, for not dropping guns! Ugh!


Resident Evil HD Remaster is a nice reminder of the good old days of hardcore gaming. Not only because of the limited ammo, but also with the puzzles that need solving and a lot of back tracking in order to find the solution to the riddle. There’s no hand holding in this game with little arrows that show the way or hints that make the journey simpler. I mean, there are hints, but those need to be discovered as well.

Another haunting memory is how unforgiving the game can be if the player runs out of ink for the type writer. Yup, no saving the game without ink! Also, why did I open the front door to the mansion? I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot the dog before it attacked me. The zombie dogs were a lot scarier back then too!


Even with the minor annoyances with the controls and the slight confusion on which direction I just turned, playing Resident Evil HD Remaster has been a lot of fun if only for bringing back those haunting memories from playing the game oh so long ago. It’s been well worth the struggle so far and I can’t wait to once again get even further into the remastered version. Plus, it looks fantastic!

Now it’s time to start all over again, from the beginning, because I shouldn’t have used up all my ink right away. Ugh, what a n00b I have become!


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