John Noble Speaks On The Final Season Of ‘Fringe’

FanBolt had the honor of chatting with John Noble on the final season of Fringe at Comic Con 2012. Noble spoke on what he believed Fringe‘s greatest accomplishment to be as well as how it feels to have the end in sight.

“It feels great, because it gives us a chance to finish up,” Noble answered. “We can walk away having completed the grand story. I can walk away saying, ‘I’ve just done the greatest thing of all time. I just had a character that I was able to resolve and play for five years.’ It’s sort of like doing an epic play.”

Production has currently been shut down on the final season of Fringe due to John Noble, 63, who is being treated for a sleep disorder. Filming is expected to resume now on August 7th, and the final season of Fringe is expected to premiere in the US on September 28th. No word if that date will change due to the current delay in filming.

Check out our full interview with John Noble on the final season of Fringe below!

What would you say Fringe‘s greatest accomplish is? What are you most looking forward to seeing in this final season? Any theories on how it will end? Sound off in our comment section below!

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