New ‘AHS:Hotel’ Sneak Peek Demonstrates Why You Should Always Check Under You Bed

Scream Queens fans got an early look at a American Story: Hotel during last night’s episode and learned a valuable lesson about why you probably should check under your bed for monsters…or drug addicts.

The short first look at the new season of the horror anthology shows Wes Bentley’s Detective John Lowell laying down for a nap on a bed in the Hotel Cortez. Seems innocent enough right? Yeah right, don’t forget what show this is. As the camera pans down, we see Max Greenfield’s Hollywood junkie Gabriel is actually underneath the bed asleep or passed out and suddenly awakens, gasping for air.

“I play Detective John Lowell, I’m married to Chloe’s character. We had a great loss in the family. Investigating some grisly murders, which somehow leads me to checking into the hotel,” Bentley previously teased about his character.

Max Greenfield also teased his character in an interview saying, “He’s a Hollywood junkie. Originally, he had a job and was more preppy or business. And Ryan [Murphy] came back and was like, ‘I think we should be more rock and roll.’”

You’ll have to tune into American Horror Story: Hotel to see where the creepy scene leads. The show premieres on FX next Wednesday, October 7th.

Photo Credit: FOX


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