Battlefield 1’s Campaign is Off to a Good Start

Members of EA Access and Origin Access are now able to download and play Battlefield 1 and be among the first to experience the new game. As part of the Play First Trial, members can play up to 10 hours of the game before the trial runs out. This includes both campaign and multiplayer, although the campaign is limited to just 2 missions.

I made sure to jump on in to the Battlefield 1 campaign immediately as I’m very interested in the story and how it plays out. I really like the ‘War Stories’ approach as I get to experience the battle from the vantage point of different soldiers. The opening segment is also a really intriguing start to the campaign as it shows just how hopeless the frontlines of war can be as it takes players from one soldier’s point of view to the next.


Battlefield 1 actually feels different in a sense when it comes to the campaign. Even a nice piano theme that plays during the menu goes a long way in setting up the theme and atmosphere for the game. The visuals in the missions Through Mud and Blood also stood out in a nice and vintage style that I really appreciate. And completing the two available missions has made me ready for the rest.

The nice thing about the missions is that they have multiple sections that each take a good chunk of time to complete. Through Mud and Blood has 4 sections, each taking anywhere from 15 to maybe even 25 minutes, at least based on my experience. I also happened to play on Hard difficulty, so I absolutely took my time during some of the tank battles. But I also took my time just exploring the world in front of me and making sure to see as much as I could in the missions. That includes riding a horse around, of course.

I really like the approach to Battlefield 1 and hope to continue observing a good mix of story and gameplay with its campaign. And as a reminder, members who partake in the Play First Trial can purchase the game at a discount and continue where they left off in the campaign.

During the two missions I made sure to see what I could get out of the game in terms of graphical settings using the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 FTW+. I’m happy to say that on UltraWide resolution of 2560×1080, I am able to run Ultra settings and still leave room to upscale the resolution while maintaining above 60 frames per second. Check out some of the images and videos from the first two missions.

Battlefield 1 releases on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 21st.

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