Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game is Worth the Headache

Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game is a very simplistic game for the HTC Vive where a ball is kicked at the player and they must use their head to get it in the goal. That’s all there is too it. Players get three chances on 5 different difficulties and once they miss three times it’s game over. However, thanks to the multiple difficulties and global rankings, there is some replay value.

If you’re like me and you must own the best scores possible, Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game can keep you entertained for a little while by earning a score with each goal scored. I ended up playing for 45 minutes during my first go which included around 20 games on Legendary – the hardest difficulty. I had to keep playing until I got the best score, which I eventually did get the number one overall ranking for that difficulty. Woohoo! Still, my head was hurting a bit after I called it quits.

Once playing on the hardest difficulty the ball is kicked in towards the player at a much faster pace than what’s seen on the easier difficulties. I probably didn’t have to force my head forward as hard as I did on many of those occasions to hit the incoming ball, but my competitive spirit led me to doing that – causing a slight headache at the end of my session. But getting first overall on the rankings was worth it!

I really appreciate Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game as a soccer fan. Even though it’s simple and has a mediocre atmosphere, the gameplay is a lot of fun. There are many moments where the player will look straight up into the sky due to hitting a post or just missing the corner, or even perhaps because the goaltender made a ridiculously good save. There are a lot of moments like that in the game that allows me enjoy my time with it.

I also discovered that if players have their head lower when the ball is kicked and then stand up to prepare for the header when it’s in the air, there is a far less chance of them hitting it high and away. Discovering a good stance also made the gameplay become more interesting. I’m not sure why I’m providing tips though when I own the top score. Oh well, bring it on!

Don’t expect too much from Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game, but do expect a simple game that’s only $5.99 and can provide some amount of fun. It can also be a good competitive game for parties as well. Check out the fun I had below on my journey to becoming the most legendary player in Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game.

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