For Honor: Story Mode, Dominion Multiplayer – It’s All So Good

For Honor is far more entertaining than I thought it would be, especially when it comes to the multiplayer gameplay. I’m not usually a fan of fighting games when it comes to multiplayer, although from time to time I can get into an online brawler. However, For Honor does an incredible job with its gameplay and makes the one-on-one duel an attractive mechanic that I appreciate far more than I thought I would, for both single player and multiplayer gameplay.

The majority of my entertainment with For Honor came from playing the single player story mode and Dominion multiplayer mode, meaning I rarely played the one-on-one modes that are available in multiplayer. I don’t mind them, in fact, they can be very exciting because of the way For Honor handles the fighting system with blocks and attacks. Plus, there are more than enough one-on-one situations in every mode. But the long-lasting appeal for me rests into completing the story modes for each faction and continuing to enjoy teamwork to claim victory in Dominion.

The Combat

The combat is what makes For Honor so enjoyable to play. It’s easy to tap the ctrl key and lock-on to an enemy for a thrilling duel to see who’s better at blocking and attacking. Timing is everything in this type of combat, and depending on the quality of gear the player has equipped for their warrior it can also make a big difference in how you approach a fight. For example, you can charge at an enemy and stun them, usually giving you enough time to perform a heavy attack. However, there are some players that equip gear that reduces the amount of time they are stunned. For these foe, you pretty much need to be as quick as possible.

Setting up a perfect attack is glorious and makes the player feel like a real winner when they walk away victoriously. It’s even more fun when you get to finish an opponent by using a heavy attack which then results in an execution move. I think this is the first game where execution moves actually feel incredibly powerful and intimidating to the receiving player. In part, because they aren’t always the easiest moves to pull off during combat. Of course, if you become a real talent at the duel then you may see the finishing moves more often than others.

By the way, in addition to gear that can be purchased and equipped, players can also buy additional moves to perform as well. There’s a lot of interesting content that goes a long way into making your character unique among the many in the online battlefield.

Dominion Multiplayer

Thanks to the brilliance of the combat system I enjoy playing all online multiplayer modes. However, it’s still the team-based Dominion mode that I appreciate the most. There are three sets of bases that a team must occupy to obtain points that lead to victory. It’s fun sneaking away from enemy players to capture a base that they aren’t protecting. At the same time it’s also fun to run around with your team going after a group of enemy players in order to hold them off from taking one of your bases.

While I was still learning how to effectively duel against other players I would often just do my best to avoid battles, capture zones, and then hold on for as long as possible while facing an enemy so he can’t quickly recapture a point. It also helps playing strong defense in this situation as a friendly will possibly appear and help finish off the enemy too. Or it’s also possible another enemy shows up which likely won’t end well for you.

Team-based modes fit my style of gameplay perfectly and it works very well with the combat system in For Honor. Once you get the combat down the game becomes even more exciting and every match more thrilling. Again, I’ve become far more addicted to For Honor than I thought possible because it’s not necessarily my type of game. But wow, For Honor’s gameplay makes it such a joy to play.

Plus, the moments when players eliminate an enemy by throwing them off a ledge is simply too much fun that never seems to get old. Check out some of those situations in the gameplay footage below.

See ya! Good night! Come again!

Story Mode (…and the entertainment of not always taking it seriously)

Even though I’ve been addicted to playing Dominion online against others, the story mode is actually a good way to enjoy more of the game while getting in some extra combat practice. Plus, a lot of the locations look absolutely gorgeous in For Honor. It’s easier to notice the game’s visual quality while playing single player than multiplayer as it’s far less hectic!

I’ve been playing as the Knights so far in Story mode and have enjoyed the simple story that goes along with it. Each mission is pretty straightforward, but still features exciting combat and stronger foes to face-off against. There are even unique cut-scenes and elements that appear from time to time that change up the pace of the battle. For example, I thought I was going to be engaging in another basic fight against a strong foe, however during the battle a cut-scene appeared and he kicked me off a ledge and onto the ice below. This led to a fight on unstable ice. This would be pretty interesting for those who take this type of situation seriously. However, I unfortunately got into one of those moods where I decided to toy around as much as possible. The end result became my favorite fight ever in the game – well, my favorite result. See the video below.

For Honor is full of excitement for those who decide to fight on the chaotic battlefield. There’s so much more depth involved in the game as well when it comes to multiplayer and unlockable gear. I certainly find myself addicted and look forward to experiencing even more fights on the frontline, and of course more knocking down enemies into the pits below. It’s too addicting!


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