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NBC Developing ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Series

NBC is developing a series based on the Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves 1997 supernatural drama The Devil’s Advocate. The network has given the show a put pilot commitment, which means good things for the show’s chances. A “put pilot” is a deal ... Continue Reading


Bradley Cooper Reportedly Producing and Starring in Mack Bolan Series Film Adaptation

Bradley Cooper will reportedly produce and potentially star in a big screen adaptation of the Mack Bolan novel series. Movie bosses at Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to the Don Pendleton books and are hoping to develop the films with the American Hustle... Continue Reading


Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord Review – Tough to Love

The core idea behind Dungeoneer is intriguing: two players explore a dungeon together, with both acting as the hero and the villain. The problem is that in practice it’s just not very fun. The core set of Dungeoneer (for this review it’s the Tomb of the Lich L... Continue Reading

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