‘Being Human’ 3.11 Episode Review and Recap: If I Only Had A Raw Brain

No soup (kitchen) for our heroes on this week’s Being Human!

So it seems pretty much everyone is in a bit of a fix this week. Josh found out about the role Aidan played in Pete’s death. Somehow, “My bad. I should have checked your Wolfodex” isn’t quite cutting it, apology-wise. That’s not where Aidan’s problems stop, though. Kenny’s decided that it’s time to blow his particular popsicle stand. Aidan tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail. He agrees to keep up his end of the bargain and lets Kenny out of the bubble.

Sally’s not doing too well, either. Her decomposition is pretty much on schedule, and she’s getting hungrier, to boot. She gets Josh and Nora to lock her in her own room while they try to figure out how to get through this. They go on one quick field trip to confront Donna, which is problematic as the soup kitchen is no longer there (seriously, there’s an empty lot where it used to be. Crazy!) Nora’s temporary fix for Sally’s issues is to push their wedding up so that Sally can participate “while she’s still here.” In response, Sally skips out to see Max (the whole “lock me in” thing seems to come and go this episode). They confess their own love to each other, but Max rightfully refuses to give Sally a dead body to nosh on. Well done, Max.

While all this is going on, Kenny is working through his bucket list. He tags along with Aidan, Josh, and Josh’s sister Emily to a strip club for Josh’s bachelor party. (Nora’s bachelorette party consists of sipping wine coolers through suggestive straws on opposite sides of Sally’s bedroom door. I’m shocked no one called the cops. Really.) The bachelor party is going well until the stripper giving Josh a lap dance turns out to be a vampire looking for her very own werewolf booster shot. Aidan stakes her, unfortunately in full view of both Emily and Kenny. Neither is particularly amused. Josh has to tell Emily everything about the vampires and werewolves in their household. She seems cool with the species change, but not so much the blasé attitude about killing. She skips out right quick.

Sally’s last hope, it would seem, is to talk to Alana, the psychic who tried to exorcise her and then sent Josh and Nora to Donna in the first place. Sally’s looking a little decrepit for house calls, though, so Aidan has a temporary solution: Sally can take a bite out of him. A brief, hilarious scene ensues in which Sally complains about Aidan’s abs. Anyhoo, Alana tells Sally that her best chance is to hit the ground running once she goes through Donna’s door. She gives Sally a book on the subject and sends her on her merry way just before one of Donna’s minions comes by and makes sure Alana finds her own door, if you catch my meaning.

Kenny, despite what he’s seen today, is still ready to turn, so Aidan obliges. Shortly thereafter, Aidan’s attacked by a creepy guy in a hoody who’s been following him around all episode. It’s Kat’s ex, who isn’t exactly looking like a normal vampire at this point. Aidan stakes him, but now he’s worried that whatever affected the professor’s turning is going to get Kenny too.

Lots of goodbyes said in this episode. Some permanent, some (hopefully) only temporary. Let’s tally, shall we? Kenny’s dead/in transition, Emily’s flown the coop, Sally broke up with Max and (according to next week’s spoileriffic promo) will be biting the dust her own self quite soon, and Alana got herself killed right there at the end. That’s not even counting finding out about Pete’s fate or the two vamps that Aidan staked. Busy episode!

I really appreciate that Nora is finally acting like part of the team again. After so many weeks of her standing to one side and yelling about goings on without actually attempting to do anything, it was refreshing to see her actually being supportive and, God forbid, helpful. We haven’t reached the point where I regret my Nora-snark, but she’s at least started to redeem herself in my eyes.

It looks like there are only two episodes left of Being Human this season. Do you think we’ll be left with another gut-wrenching cliffhanger to keep us biting our nails until next year?

Best Quotes:

Sally: “We tried that, remember? She Vader-choked me and then I started craving puppies!”

Sally, about Aidan’s abs: “It’s like trying to bite through a tire!”

Things to Ponder:
• I’m not sure how likely we are to find out now that she’s out of the picture, but I want to know how Alana was connected to Donna. Thoughts?
• I appreciate that Kenny was going a bit stir-crazy, but with eternity on the line, wouldn’t you have waited at least until you wouldn’t get carded every time you walk into a bar for the next several hundred years?


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  1. Maybe Alana and Donna were once friends and worked the Psychic Hotline until Donna discovered that she could use dark magic and go into business for herself. 😉

  2. yeah i would like to know more on the history of alana and donna too.. (love the AYAOTD reference rennlark).. ok so what was the deal with kat’s ex bf looking all funky looking after aiden attacked him (although he has no memory of doing that). i hope that doesn’t happen to kenny now that he is about to be turned.