‘Lost Girl’ 3.13 Episode Review And Recap: Those Who Wander

Not all who wander are on the season finale of Lost Girl!

Yes, that was a terrible pun. No, I’m not taking it down. Recap time!

We pick up right where we left off a few weeks ago. Tamsin is injured, but Bo’s chi-healing doesn’t seem to be working on her. She manages to haul Tam home and bring in her kitsune friends, who tell Bo that Tam’s at the end of her life-cycle and she’ll have to regenerate soon. Until then, to keep Tam going through the current crisis, the pair go see The Druid to get a Valkyrie power-up (and incidentally, Bo’s rune glass). Thus armed, they head back to Isaac’s compound and intentionally get captured to gain access to the inner levels.

Once there, Aife reveals that she’s been lying her crazy-pants off. She told Isaac that Dyson is the Most Powerful Fae around, which explains why the he’s been jonesing for Dyson’s wolf-blood. He’s going to have Lauren extract Dyson’s stem cells and inject them into him to create a super-strong fae-human hybrid (because this is how science works. Don’t judge). Isaac’s mad scheme all started back when a Wendigo killed his little brother on a camping trip. Isaac got the blame and was shipped off to an asylum from which he was evidently released a little too soon.

Lauren agrees to the surgery, but injects Isaac with the stem cells of a much weaker fae, instead. When Isaac wakes up, his newfound powers (shut up, it’s science!) enable him to get past Bo and critically injure Aife. Dyson gives chase, drops the bomb about Isaac’s less-than-wolfy new genes, and neatly dispatches the problem.

Back in the compound, Bo leaves Aife in the care of the bartender’s wife from last episode (who shortly thereafter gets her chi sucked out) and attempts to follow Dyson. Her mad dash is brought to a sudden stop when Tam finally does her Face-Heel Turn and goes on the attack. The run glass is useless, but Tam’s powers aren’t so much. After a fantastic cat fight, Tam succumbs to the Power of Friendship (if that’s what we’re calling it nowadays) and the two split up to find Dyson and Kenzie and meet back at the Dal.

Meanwhile, Kenzie’s made the hulking Morrigan minion from last episode her new bestie. He gets her out of the Morrigan’s clutches and lets her know that the little gizmo that Hale slipped her is what’s been keeping the Morrigan from torturing her off-screen. He tries to talk her out of accepting the Druid’s deal to become fae, and when that doesn’t work, he gives her the keys to the Morrigan’s car and sticks by her side as they ride off to find him. I like Bruce. He’s a doll.

Tam finds a still-shirtless Dyson out in the field where he’d been nomming on some evil fae-hybrid. They start heading towards the Dal, but the road is blocked by a mysterious figure who happens to look exactly like the character on the Wanderer tarot cards that have been popping up the last several episodes. A thoroughly hacked off Tam does the Valkyrie equivalent of yelling YOLO and guns the engine to run him over. Instead, the Wanderer disappears, sending the truck tumbling down the cliff behind him.

Bo’s the only one who’s made it back to the Dal. She finds the place completely empty except for the creepy Wanderer essence. When she challenges it in Bo fashion, she becomes completely engulfed in a thick, black smoke and then vanishes entirely. The last shot of the episode is the image of the Wanderer tarot card, which now shows both the Wanderer and Bo.

Oh, season finale cliffhangers. The bane of my existence. Kenzie’s off to find The Druid, Bo’s been kidnapped by her Wanderer Father, Trick’s in Scotland (because why not?), and Dyson and Tam have introduced the actual cliff by driving right over it. No one’s in a good situation right now, with the possible exception of Trick, and they’ll be stuck like that until Season 4.

That was definitely a fun season finale. Isaac got taken care of pretty handily, leaving room for next season’s Big Bad, the Wanderer. As I’m sure was the original intention, I’m far more interested in this Wanderer plotline than I ever was in Isaac’s “I want to destroy the Warehouse fae for what they did to me as a kid” story. I would like to see more fallout for Lauren’s jumping the fence, though. Both from the Ash and from Bo and Company.

That’s it for Season 3 of Lost Girl. We’ll be posting coverage from San Diego International Comic Con when it blows through in July. Until then, my Syfy fans can tide themselves over with Warehouse 13 reviews starting next week!

Best Quote:
Morrigan: “So gratifying finding pleasure in the little things.”
Kenzie: “Like watching Channing Tatum dancing in 3D? Let’s start with that.”

Things to Ponder

  • Oh so many after a cliffhanger like that, but the main one in my mind is: Ye gods and little fishes, why in the name of all that is fae would you send the Blood King out of the country at a time like this??
  • Is Lauren really that good of an actress, or does she have a lot of anger issues to work out?
  • What’s the Morrigan planning for all this? Is she just being a bad guy for the sake of being Dark Fae, or is she wrapped up in something bigger?


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  1. that was one hell of a cliffhanger.. (although if anyone follows Rachel (tasmsin) on twitter she announced 2 weeks ago that she will be back for s4. for me, the best part of the entire episode is that VEX IS BACK!!!!