Metro Redux: Safer with a Shotgun

Metro Redux arrived today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing gamers a revamped Metro universe. It includes a completely reworked edition of Metro 2033 that features a new game engine, improved AI, new animations, and updated gameplay that matches the improvements seen in Metro: Last Light.

Metro Redux offers previous players of the games a restored option for playing both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light on their next-gen console. It’s also incredibly ideal for someone like me who had yet to experience the rather tense and scary atmosphere that the games create. That’s where my title comes in as players can have a much more secure feeling of safety by having a shotgun equipped while perusing through this dark world. Still, be on alert as ammo is scarce to come by! I can’t say we all will be so lucky in situations like the one in the video below:

Metro Redux features multiple styles of play with unique levels of difficulty. Both games allow players to experience its offerings by either playing it like a traditional shooter or more like a survival game. A lot of bullets or a limited amount of supplies? It’s all up to the player. And I do have to admit that I chickened out on the ‘limited supply’ experience by going with the more traditional shooter option. Even while playing Metro 2033 Redux under the setting of traditional shooter I still found myself to be in short supply of ammo. This is definitely one of those games where players must inspect every nook and cranny to grab whatever amount of ammo they find as every little bit counts.

Check out footage from my Metro 2033 Redux live stream:

Metro Redux is available as a boxed compilation for $49.99, or players can download Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux separately for $24.99 each. If anyone hasn’t experienced either title yet and finds themselves intrigued by the information and video above, I certainly think it’s worth checking out. Even if only by downloading one game at a time, starting with Metro 2033 Redux.


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