Ron Thomas: Actor, Author, and Motivational Speaker

ron thomas

Ron Thomas is best known for his acting work and his role as Bobby Brown in The Karate Kid, The Karate Kid Part II, and Cobra Kai. Bobby was the only member of the well known Cobra Kai gang that had a conscience. Never wanting to let others stray off trail, Ron’s character claimed a home in the hearts of fans around the world. All of whom were thrilled to see him return in the YouTube Premium series, Cobra Kai which premiered in May of 2018.

The Early Years

Ron Thomas was born in Reno, Nevada, on November 15, 1961. And what fans might not know about him is that he’s actually a world champion martial artist and acclaimed Jujitsu coach. His love for martial arts comes stems his own Cobra Kai moment he experienced in his freshman year of high school. Four guys, whom he didn’t know, attacked him for no reason. Being under hundred pounds and not yet clearing five feet tall, Ron had the realization that he needed to go find some training . He took up Jujitsu and Judo while in Reno. And he obtained his black belt before he eventually made the move to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Ron obtained his second degree black belt. While actively training, he got an audition for The Karate Kid. His agent’s advice before he went to read for the film? “Don’t tell them you’re a black belt.” The advice seemed odd to Ron, but he focused on his acting for the audition. And the rest is history. He landed the iconic role of Bobby Brown. And for the next 30 years, he would continue to grow with the character.

Ron Thomas: The Karate Kid to Cobra Kai

34 years after the original 1984 film, The Karate Kid, Ron now stars in Cobra Kai. The series, which originally premiered YouTube, takes another look at the “Miyagi-Verse” narrative.

The series had high viewership on both YouTube and now Netflix, the series current home. And in addition to receiving positive reviews from critics, fans fell in love with the seires. After Season 3 of Cobra Kai had wrapped, YouTube stopped producing original scripted programming, and with no home and uncertain future for the fan-loved series, Netflix stepped in June 2020 and acquired it. Cobra Kai will return for Season 4 in December of 2021 on the streaming platform.

Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach

In addition to Ron Thomas’s acting work, he also boosts an impressive resume as an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. When not shooting movies or TV episodes, Ron teaches motivational seminars that empower people to live their best lives.

Ron’s passion for helping people find their true potential very much mirrors Bobby’s mission. His core message? Choose mastery over mediocrity, a concept he dives into in his two books, Positive Thinking is for Sissies and The Best You Can Sucks!

Ron has spent most of his life studying martial arts and training with some of the world’s best. That list includes Professor Wally Jay, Billy Blanks, Professor Toru Tanaka, and his original sensei, Professor Lawrence Cary, just to name a few.

Ron is also a sixth-degree black belt in Kodendkan Ju-Jitsu and a former trainer for the United States Sport Ju-Jitsu Team. In fact, several of his students are national and world champions.

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